Gemini Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

There seems to be an opportunity to do something you've never done before. The only trouble might be that it'll force you to rely more on your own financial resources than anyone else's. The New Moon on April 5 is about you pursuing one of your greatest dreams and realizing that no one else is going to back you up financially or emotionally. Carrying your own weight is important this month, regardless of who is or isn't around.

Your love life is crackling this month thanks to the Full Moon on April 19 in your romance sector. You might realize that you've fallen in love with someone you're dating, and if that's the case it's time to let this person know. Your heart is full!

Mars in your sign will square off to Neptune on April 27, casting a hazy glare of uncertainty about your career path. Don't try swimming against the tide now. Instead, float. Answers will arrive when you don't force them.

Gemini's key themes for April: dreams, confusion, love, romantic fulfillment, pleasure, career uncertainty, foggy, friends, self-sufficiency