Your Capricorn Birthday Horoscope for December 31

If you were born on December 31, you already have one foot out the door! There's an excited and hopeful energy that sits right below your surface. You are a fun, trendy, anxious person who can't wait for the next new thing! While it's wonderful you're so curious and eager to see what the future holds, don't forget to appreciate your past and the present moment. If you're always looking ahead, you'll wake up one day to realize that you haven't enjoyed enough of your life. Pause and celebrate your current situation with the loved ones around you!

December 31 Capricorn at Their Best: Excited, idealistic, curious

December 31 Capricorn at Their Worst: Rushed, unappreciative, detached

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What to Wear: Business suits, or leather French maid and butler outfits for the Capricorn that's feeling frisky.

What to Eat: Meat and potatoes, cheese and crackers, and flowing champagne.

Who to Invite: Anyone who you figure you'd see in a board room or on a board of directors.

Where to Go: The nearest conference room will be fine! A PowerPoint display of the birthday person's life achievements would add a nice touch.

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