Your Leo Birthday Horoscope for July 23

If you were born on July 23, you have a gentle touch that can bring peace to any situation! Compassion and understanding is bursting out of you, and your friends, family, and even random acquaintances are so thankful for it. You're always willing to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on to those in need. There's a warm and friendly glow about you that others are drawn to. Remember to take care of yourself first and foremost! Your fuzzy exterior doesn't come naturally. You need to feel loved before you can give love.

July 23 Leo at Their Best: Empathetic, kind, happy

July 23 Leo at Their Worst: Tired, impatient, vulnerable

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What to Wear: Nothing that could possibly out-class the guest of honor. Arrange to fade into the background when the “star“ makes a grand entrance.

What to Eat: Caviar, foie gras, Chateaubriand and, of course, truffles!

Who to Invite: If heads of state can't make themselves available, check if Beyonce, Brad Pitt, or a Kardashian might squeeze the soiree into their schedules.

Where to Go: A palace (or a diner that can be decorated like one) would be rather appropriate..

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