Slow and steady, cool and calculating, Capricorn is a hard-working and successful force to be reckoned with! The Mountain Goat has a destination in mind and will stop at nothing to reach its goal. Caring, conservative Capricorn is a great leader and a dedicated provider.

Climbing Higher

Capricorn: Zodiac Sign Traits

Slow and steady, cool and calculating, Capricorn is a hard-working and successful force to be reckoned with! The Mountain Goat has a destination in mind and will stop at nothing to reach its goal. They combine their traditional methods with powerful determination to climb the ladder of success each and every day. Caring, conservative Capricorn is a great leader and a dedicated provider. They like to play hard, and work harder.

What We Love About Capricorn

Capricorn is a caring provider and staunch protector of those they love. If there's a Cap in your life, your material needs will be well taken care of.

Why Capricorn Drives Us Nuts

Capricorn can be so hardworking and driven to succeed that they neglect their loved ones. They also can be too rigid, and tend to frown even when they're happy.

Capricorn Advice

Try to be more flexible and appreciate what you have. Don't forget to value your friends, family, and personal relationships as much as you do your career success.

Capricorn Celebrities

Betty White, David Bowie, Princess Kate, Bradley Cooper, Liam Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom, John Legend, Denzel Washington, Zayn Malik, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King Jr., Zooey Deschanel and Ryan Seacrest

Devil Tarot Card for Capricorn
Capricorn Tarot Card

The Devil

Capricorn’s cycle of neverending work and its need to succeed is represented in its Tarot card, The Devil. This Tarot card often pictures Pan, the half-man/half-goat nature god, reigning over a dark and fiery hell. Capricorn’s constant need to get to the top -- no matter what -- can often make this sign feel like a victim of circumstances. Much like the Mountain Goat’s tireless and eternal work ethic, The Devil is about feeling trapped or stuck and creating our own personal hell.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Glyph
Capricorn Symbol

Mountain Goat

Up, up, up goes that Goat! Capricorn is represented by the Mountain Goat. The Mountain Goat is an incredibly driven creature that will climb to impossible heights with ease and enthusiasm. Just like Capricorn, the Mountain Goat sets its destination and, through self-will and determination, will perpetually search for solid footing until it reaches the top.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Planet
Capricorn Ruling Planet


Seriously, Saturn! The planet Saturn rules over the zodiac sign Capricorn with a serious hand. In Roman mythology, Saturn was the god who ruled over space and time, so in Astrology it’s no surprise he represents limits and lessons. This planet brings out the traditional side of Capricorn, enhancing its practical nature to ensure the Goat takes calculated steps toward success. As the planet of karma, Saturn says that if you put in the work, you will be rewarded, and that’s what Capricorn is all about.

Capricorn Tenth Ruling House
Capricorn Ruling House

10th House of Career

As the 10th sign of the zodiac, Capricorn rules over the 10th House of Career. The 10th house has a powerful position at the top of the zodiac and is a representation of our career goals, ambitions, relationship to authority, and public status. Capricorn’s dynamic determination to succeed, work hard, and accomplish is strongly represented in this house. The Mountain Goat will stop at nothing to get to the top!

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Element
Capricorn Element


The element of Earth keeps the zodiac sign Capricorn committed, disciplined, and hard-working. Capricorn embraces the Earth element’s reliable and sound sense of foundation. This sign often takes on the responsibility of being the glue that keeps its family, friends, and loved ones together. Just like a Goat on the side of a treacherous mountain, Capricorns put in extra effort and careful strategies to turn their dreams into realities.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Quality
Capricorn Quality


As the second sign of spring, Capricorn uses the energy of its Fixed quality to hold down the weight of the season. Fixed signs are consistent forces. Capricorn’ strength and patience carries and gently pushes the season along while still remembering to stop and smell the roses. As a slow-moving and sturdy zodiac sign, Capricorn allows us to enjoy and relish in these rejuvenating months. Our physical senses are in full bloom during spring, and sensual Capricorn loves the smell, look, and feel of new life growing all around!

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Color
Capricorn Colors

Grey & Brown

Like a rough winter landscape, grey and brown are the colors of Capricorn. These strong but neutral colors represent Capricorn’s solidity, reliability, and traditionalism. A combination of extremes -- white and black -- grey enhances the conservative nature of Capricorn and its no-nonsense approach to life. Brown represents stability, and can greatly benefit the Goat’s steadfast determination as it strives to reach its goals.


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