Fun and flirtatious Leo heats things up as the most expressive sign of the zodiac! Ruled by the vibrant Sun and driven by the warmth of its Fire element, the charming, magnificent, and dramatic Lion is the life of the party and loves attention. Leo just wants to love and be loved.

Hear Leo Roar

Leo: Zodiac Sign Traits

Fun and flirtatious Leo heats things up as the most expressive sign of the zodiac! Ruled by the vibrant Sun and driven by the warmth of its Fire element, the charming, magnificent, and dramatic Lion is the life of the party and loves attention. With its shining heart of gold, Leo is a loyal lover and a proud and courageous leader. This sign of the Lion embodies an air of royalty, just like the kings and queens of the jungle. Sometimes expressive to a fault, Leo has never been known to keep its feelings hidden! Steer clear of Leo’s drama, and you’ll find some of the most generous souls you’ll ever meet.

What We Love About Leo

Leo's big heart, warm spirit, and love of laughter make them a joy to be around, and when Leo loves you it's like the Sun has never shined brighter.

Why Leo Drives Us Nuts

Leo's dramatic nature and attention-getting ways can be mistaken for arrogance that turns some people off.

Leo Advice

As you blaze through life in all your glory, remember to pay attention to the feelings of those around you.

Leo Celebrities

Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, J.K. Rowling, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mila Kunis, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Ben Affleck, Halle Berry and Robert De Niro

Strength Tarot Card for Leo
Leo Tarot Card


Leo’s is empowered by its Tarot card, Strength. In most Tarot decks, a Lion is featured prominently on this card, representing an obvious relationship with Leo the Lion. This card embodies nature in its most primal form, allowing the Lion to be and to express its true self. The Strength card is not only about physical strength, but also about strength of heart, mind, and soul. This card reminds Leo to balance its brute force and powerful roar with compassion, generosity, and love.

Leo Zodiac Sign Glyph
Leo Symbol

The Lion

The zodiac sign Leo is represented by the brave and mighty Lion. While its glyph appears as the head and tail of a Lion, it also represents the Greek letter “lambda,” which is the first letter in the word “Leon,” meaning Lion. The Lion is known most for its strength and bravery as it rules over the jungle as one of the most powerful animals. The sign of Leo mirrors many aspects of this magnificent and royal feline, like instinct, affection, strength, and bravery.

Leo Zodiac Sign Planet
Leo Ruling Planet

The Sun

Leo is ruled by the bright and blazing Sun! Leo the Lion shines in any crowd with its sparkling personality and warm charm. As the closest star to Earth, the Sun is the most powerful body in our sky and demands attention, just like Leo. Watch out for that heat, though, because just like the Sun, Leo could burn you with its occasional self-centeredness and hot temper.

Leo Fifth Ruling House
Leo Ruling House

5th House of Pleasure

Let the Lion loose! As the fifth sign of the zodiac, warm-hearted Leo rules over the 5th House of Pleasure. Both playful and full of energy, Leo the Lion feels right at home in this house that’s all about fun, creativity, and expression. And thanks to Leo’s frisky, flirty ways, this house also holds great clues to your romantic life, and the rewards love holds for you.

Leo Zodiac Sign Element
Leo Element


Leo is a Fire sign that shines as the center of attention wherever it goes. The element of Fire ignites Leo’s desire for life, drive for love, and eagerness for action. Like a roaring bonfire, Leo’s energy radiates warmth and lights up even the darkest nights. All it takes is one little spark to set Leo ablaze with with bold expression, brave choices, and powerful confidence.

Leo Zodiac Sign Quality
Leo Quality


Leo’s Fixed quality shines as the second sign of the summer season. In the scorching light of the mid-summer Sun, Leo lets its rugged side surface in order to move through the season. Leo’s endurance and unwavering self-confidence carry us through the longest and hottest days of year, while keeping us optimistic for all that’s still to come.

Leo Zodiac Sign Color
Leo Color


Regal and bright, gold is the color for Leo the Lion. Glistening with royalty and class, gold has always been a symbol of power and prestige. So it’s no wonder Leo -- the King of the Jungle -- is represented by this expressive shade. When caught in the light, gold will glisten and shine so brightly it’s almost blinding. Just like Leo’s flamboyant nature, the color gold oozes with warmth, positivity, and attention.


Born on the Cusp?

No one has two Sun signs, but if you were born near the time the Sun changed signs, you may experience the influence of both signs!

July 19 - 25

The Cusp of Oscillation

Cancer-Leo Cusp

People born on the Cancer-Leo cusp could deal with extreme ups and downs!

August 19 - 25

The Cusp of Exposure

Leo-Virgo Cusp

If you’re born on the Leo-Virgo cusp, you may face some conflicting energy in your life!