Your Sagittarius Birthday Horoscope for December 08

If you were born on December 8, you can be found in the center of any social circle! There's a natural magnetism to you that makes it impossible for you enter a room unnoticed. You are fun and friendly and always equipped with a hilarious story or anecdote. Others love having you around for a spicy debate, a good joke, or some bold advice. While this incredibly extroverted life can be fulfilling and exciting, make sure you regularly check in with yourself. It's important to grow and take care of yourself before giving your time and energy to anyone else.

December 08 Sagittarius at Their Best: Interesting, energetic, friendly

December 08 Sagittarius at Their Worst: Fake, inconsistent, troubled

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What to Wear: What to Wear: Something bright, cheery and washable. You could be drooled upon at this friendly gathering.

What to Eat: Foods from around the world. Chicken tikka masala, Beijing duck and moussaka -- all on the same plate!

Who to Invite: Everyone you can plausibly think of, plus some international men and women of mystery.

Where to Go: If guests can't make it to a far-off destination, any out-of-the-way space that allows for large groups and raucous behavior will do!

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