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Your Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

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Venus moves into sensual and earthy Taurus on March 4 and remains in her home sign through April 3. This brings plenty of support in the cosmic sky for significant (and possibly sudden) material developments. In fact, on March 8 when Venus and Uranus collide, it's possible that you'll experience a sudden financial opportunity or windfall. You might also enjoy a sudden romantic encounter that makes your body tingle. Yum!

Mercury turns direct on March 9 along with a Full Moon in Virgo on the same day. This can feel chaotic since mental energy is all over the place and the ruler of this Supermoon will be that very unsteady Mercury. Still, the desire will be to tie up all your loose ends and finish up an important work assignment or check off everything on your to-do list. Just don't expect for it all to happen neatly.

Saturn dips into Aquarius for the first time in nearly 29 years on March 21. Until July 1, you'll start to see where you need to become more open to unusual approaches that will ensure your success.

Mars in earthy Capricorn will be at a friendly link to mystical Neptune on March 14. This is the quintessential energy for being able to take inspired action on one of your goals to actually make it happen. Then Mars collides with Pluto on March 23, making it the most potent day of the month to ensure that you get your way. In business, you'll be a total boss. With a New Moon in Aries the very next day, there is nothing stopping any of your entrepreneurial or personally directed efforts from manifesting. Yes, it's GO time!


Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 19

Mars, your ruling planet, is making some serious badass moves in the sky this month, which can only help you get whatever it is you desire professionally. A connection between Mars and Neptune on March 14 promises that as long as you keep the faith and keep it moving, you'll achieve that goal of yours connected to your career path.

Mars and Jupiter connect on March 20, expanding your potential for greatness and being rewarded professionally. As if that weren't enough, Mars and Pluto link up on March 23, making you a genuine powerhouse. No one will dare to mess with your authority! Then, just for added measure, the universe grants a New Moon in your sign on March 24. You really can have it all this month, Aries. "Can't stop, won't stop" should be your motto!

Matters of the heart aren't too shabby either. With that New Moon in your sign, it looks like a partnership opportunity is finally coming together. By your own design, of course.

Aries' keywords for March: boss, power, authority, clout, rewards, honor, VIP, promotions, business, partnerships

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Taurus Zodiac Sign

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 20 - May 20

You've got an incredible edge this month that will make you feel as if you've got your own personal golden ticket to success and happiness. Venus, your ruling planet, will move into your sign on March 4, starting up this bright lucky streak. Venus in your sign is a major boost for your confidence, love life, and finances. She creates an added layer of beauty and goodness around you, making you even more magnetic and receptive to harmonious circumstances.

On March 8, Venus and Uranus embrace in a way that will grant you a delightful surprise in love or money matters -- possibly both! The sudden windfall will make your heart smile. Then, on March 22, Venus and Neptune embrace, helping you make a romantic, personal, or financial dream come true. No joke, it's happening! And the icing on the cake occurs on March 28 when Venus does a happy dance with lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto. You will be broadcasting joy and happiness all month. Enjoy the goodness!

In other news, Saturn will move into your career sector on March 21 for a brief visit through July 1. This will give you a new perspective on using innovative methodologies to create long-lasting professional success. Be open.

Taurus' keywords for March: happy surprise, joy, love, success, fulfillment, beauty, money, harmony, positivity, career

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Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 21 - June 20

Domestic matters might become an emotional ball of confusion at the Full Moon on March 9. Between this Moon occurring in your domestic sector and your ruler, Mercury, turning direct, it could seem like there is no way to get order in your home again without sitting in the chaos first. This might lead to problems with in-laws or a legal matter concerning real estate or someone in your family. Although stressful, all this mental mess you may find yourself in is quite necessary so that you can finally see the light about a family matter.

In other news, your love life might go undercover for a bit. Venus moves into your hidden 12th house on March 4, and this can bring a stronger urge for privacy in the romance department. You may also find yourself crushing on someone you know you'll never be with. Sometimes it's safer to sit in our fantasies than try to open our heart in the real world. If you find yourself escaping in this way to avoid love, then it might be a perfect time to talk to a counselor about what's blocking you. Breakthroughs are possible.

Gemini's keywords for March: family mess, misunderstanding, domestic confusion, real estate, home life, legalities, love anxiety, secret love

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Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 21 - July 22

Your love life will have major emphasis and power potential this month. It's as if you and your mate have decided that no matter what, the two of you are ready to fight for each other and for your relationship. Once you've made up your mind together, nothing can stop you. In fact, you've got "power couple" written all over your chart this month thanks to potent Mars continuing to move through your relationship sector. The conjunction he'll make to Pluto on March 23 will leave no doubt in your minds that together, you are a force to be reckoned with!

In other news, a fantastic New Moon lands at the top of your chart on March 24. This signals a bright fresh start in career. Entrepreneurial efforts and startups are favored, although it is possible that getting venture capital from an investor will be tricky.

Cancer's keywords for March: powerful love, power couple, partnership conflict, promotion, honor, awards, career shift, ambition

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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 - August 22

There are serious changes in store for your relationships this month. Saturn, the planet of discipline, commitment, limitation, and structure, will move into your partnership sector for the first time in nearly 29 years on March 21. He'll hang around this part of your chart until July 1 and will go back into Capricorn for your greatest relationship lessons starting in mid-December. If you're married and there are any holes in your relationship, then you and your mate will need to work on them. If you're completely single, then it looks like you're going to start to focus more on a significant relationship with someone you know will stand the test of time.

When it comes to career, it looks like you're flying high in March. Venus moves to the top of your chart on March 4 and remains here all month. She'll make several gorgeous aspects in the sky to other planets that all plug into an amazing storyline for you, suggesting unexpected professional opportunities that will help you grow in every way possible. Enjoy the ride!

Leo's keywords for March: commitment, relationship test, marriage, serious love, career climb, promotion, money, opportunity, advancement

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Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 23 - September 22

A Full Moon in your sign on March 9 signals an emotional tone to March. Add to the fact that your ruler, Mercury, will turn direct on the same day, and it's easy to understand why. You may not know what decisions to make regarding a work situation. Fortunately, over the next several days, you'll gain the clarity you need to make the choices that are best for you.

When it comes to work, it looks like you'll begin to realize how much more disciplined you'll need to be. Saturn will dip into your 6th House of Work and Health on March 21, helping you to take this area of your life with greater sobriety and responsibility. Cutting corners just won't cut it now -- you need to do the work in order to see the reward. Fortunately, if there's any sign who can, it's you.

In terms of romance, it looks like a gorgeous month ahead! Mars continues to tour your true love sector, making you passionate and desirable. He'll embrace Jupiter on March 20 and then Pluto on March 23. You'll definitely be getting your needs met!

Virgo's keywords for March: emotions, awareness, work trouble, health issue, illness, wellness, sexiness, desirability

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Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 23 - October 22

This month, there are massive cosmic shifts in the areas of your life that have to do with love and relationships. Saturn, the planet of limitation but also maturity and commitment, will move into your romance sector on March 21. You may not feel as warm and fuzzy about matters of the heart. Suddenly, it's serious business for you, and you don't want anyone playing with your heart. You know just how much is at stake in matters of the heart and because of this, you're only willing to play the game with someone who, like you, wants to play for keeps.

Fortunately, a New Moon in your partnership sector on March 24 supports a fresh start when it comes to your relationships. So, if you do meet a karmic mate, you can look forward to something significant developing.

Your domestic life is bustling as well in March. Mars continues to move through your home and family sector, making several connections to other planets that ensure you'll get the job done in whatever requires your most assertive focus on the domestic front. You've got this!

Libra's keywords for March: commitment, heartbreak, romantic fears, serious love, soulmate potential, home renovation, domestic strides

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Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

October 23 - November 21

There's some serious business brewing for you regarding home and family matters. On March 21, stern Saturn moves into your domestic sector, bringing with it a weighty responsibility your way concerning a relative or with a living situation. As an example, you might find out that an elderly relative needs your help. Another possibility is that you'll be focused on taking care of structural repairs around the house. You'll take care of whatever you need to with maturity and sobriety.

Fortunately, it looks like you'll have the complete support of your partner as you do so. Venus moves into your relationship sector on March 4, bringing amazing harmony and loving vibes between you and your mate. The two of you will share the same vision on whatever decisions need to happen domestically and with children. If you're dating someone, then it looks like you'll be ready to make a more solid commitment this month. The love you share with someone is substantial. You're blessed and grateful.

Scorpio's keywords for March: home, real estate, family responsibility, downsizing, home repairs, marriage, love, romantic harmony

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Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November 22 - December 21

You might feel more anxiety than usual around professional matters near the Full Moon on March 9. Landing at the top of your chart, it coincides with Mercury turning direct on the same day. Don't feel pressured to make decisions in light of whatever information comes your way. Take your time.

Communication becomes a very serious theme for you after March 21. Saturn will move into your message sector at this time, making you keenly aware of how your words and thoughts can make or break you in so many ways. You might also realize that it's time to strategically work through any communications-related fear you have. This can be anything from being afraid of public speaking to showing the world your writing talent. Good for you!

In terms of love, this month is no snoozefest. A New Moon lands in your true love sector on March 24. If you're single, it's ON! In a relationship? You and your love might be ready to try for a baby.

Sagittarius' keywords for March: love, fertility, mindset, mental patterns, serious thoughts, communication, honor, awards, career insight, professional change

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Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 22 - January 19

There is so much power behind you this month it's ridiculous. Use it well, Capricorn, because it truly seems like you can make anything happen! For starters, Mars remains in your sign through March 30, giving you plenty of ambition and energy to pursue your goals. What makes this even more dynamic is the fact that Mars will make glorious aspects to other planets in the sky all month long. His conjunction to Jupiter in your sign on March 20 will make you unstoppable as will a conjunction to Pluto on March 23. In fact, you might be gearing up to take advantage of a remarkable opportunity. Crush it!

Your love life is also beautiful. Venus moves into your romance sector on March 4 and will collide with Uranus, also in the same part of your chart, on March 8. It looks like a sudden romantic encounter is written in the stars. It'll feel exhilarating and physically gratifying.

Capricorn's keywords for March: power, empowerment, action, ambition, initiative, assertiveness, forcefulness, affair, romantic excitement

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Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 20 - February 18

It's a defining month for you, Aquarius. On March 9, you might feel as if you're receiving a mental download with all the answers to the questions you've been asking. It'll feel exciting but chaotic, and you won't be able to put any of these brilliant ideas to good use ... at least not yet. Mercury turning direct in your sign on that day needs time to settle down. Once he moves back into Pisces on March 16, you might feel as if you have a handle on mental matters again.

However, what makes this month even more significant is the fact that Saturn will move into your sign on March 21. This monumental celestial event hasn't happened in almost 29 years. Take note: your life will change! Saturn will remain in Aquarius until July 1 and will go back to Capricorn in mid-December. The next few weeks, however, will present you with at least one of the themes Saturn wants to teach you about personal responsibility. You've got this!

When it comes to love, you might enjoy nesting with your partner and keeping things more low-key thanks to Venus moving through your home and family sector after March 4. It's definitely a "home is where the heart is" kind of month.

Aquarius' keywords for March: maturity, realism, innovative ideas, comfort, family, home, nesting, adulting

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Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 19 - March 20

A defining moment between you and your partner is likely near the Full Moon on March 9. This lunar event lands in your relationship sector on the very same day Mercury -- the ruler of your relationship sector -- turns direct in your 12th House of Secrets. You might find out hidden information about your mate that illuminates the fragility of your connection. It's also possible your mate will find out something about you that he or she didn't know before. You may both realize you never really knew each other in the first place.

In other news, a great deal of focus will be on your social life this month. Mars remains in your friendship sector and makes gorgeous links to expansive Jupiter and powerful Pluto between March 20 and March 23. This can make you an indomitable force if there is a humanitarian endeavor you're a part of. You'll make a real difference.

Finances are looking up thanks to a New Moon in your earned income sector on March 24. A new revenue stream is possible.

Pisces' keywords for March: relationship mess, love lost, mixed messages, humanitarian efforts, philanthropy, group leadership, new money

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