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The 3 Pillars of Your Numerology Chart

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Hans Decoz

Numerology's first and foremost purpose is to gain a better understanding of who you are, what you are made of, and what the future might hold for you. "Know thyself" is as relevant a statement today as it was when Plato used it 2,500 years ago.

The challenge with the use of Numerology, at least as I have understood it since I became interested in this age-old science more than 40 years ago, is to differentiate where a number in your chart applies, and how exactly it affects you. When you look at your chart you notice that while you have 4 or 5 core numbers, plus a wide range of other numbers that play a role, and this creates something akin to alphabet soup -- or rather numerical soup -- a sloppy mixture that contains a little bit of just about anything that could apply to just about anyone. This can be confusing, and I have tried to combat that by using introductions that describe as specific as possible the importance of each number's location in a chart, then explaining that number's influence with direct references to that particular aspect of your personality.

If you have a 5 among your core numbers and another person does too, but that person's 5 appears in a different location -- Heart's Desire versus Personality or Expression for instance -- the description of that 5s influence in your numerology profile is entirely different. This is, of course, as it should be. However, I still find that many people have trouble relating to their personal charts in a truly effective, beneficial way. When I do a personal Numerology chart, whether by computer or face-to-face, I aim for clarity. Clarity is the most important condition, but unfortunately it is also the most elusive. The truth is, clarity is what you find at the end of the road to self-examination, not at the beginning.

And so, in my continuing attempt to improve the tools and methods at my disposal, I have come to recognize that part of the problem actually lies at the very beginning of the process of delineating a Numerology chart.

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Two become three

Traditionally, numerologists, including yours truly, have always been mindful of the two different sides of your personal Numerology chart: your Personality Profile and your Future Forecast.

I have not been comfortable with that for a number of years, as I became more and more convinced that in order to have a clear understanding of your personal makeup and the path you are on, it would be considerably more insightful to look at your chart from three different angles, because that's essentially how you exist: you, your life's path, and your future.

Think of those three aspects as the pillars of your existence. Learn which numbers represent each of these three parts of your life with a completely personalized Numerology Personality Profile.

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The first pillar: you

First, there is you, the individual, with your talents, abilities, personality traits, idiosyncrasies, dreams, hopes, likes and dislikes, and what have you. All of which is revealed in your name. Your full name at birth truly is like a blueprint of who you are; the unique and fully self-contained individual who lives inside your skin. The logic behind that is easy to see. After all, when you introduce yourself you say: "I am so-and-so," thereby truthfully stating who you are (and revealing much more than you probably intended). Even when you use a shorter version of your name, or a nickname, the same applies, slightly adjusted to reveal a somewhat different view of you, perhaps even a little distorted, but still you.

When your Numerology chart talks about the core numbers that are derived from your name, or the arrangement of letters that make up your name, or the numbers missing in your name, or those that are present in abundance -- any time the information comes from your name -- you have to read and understand it as such: it's you. Not your future, not the direction of your life, nothing but you, the individual.

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The second pillar: your path

Secondly, is your path -- the direction in which your life wants to move. This is not your future forecast, nor is it your "destiny." It is truly a path, and since there is no point of arrival where you could say, "I have fulfilled my destiny and therefore my life is completed," the words destiny or goal do not apply. They are misnomers and therefore confusing. It's a path, and in Numerology it is quite aptly named your Life Path. This is the most important number in your chart because, in a way, you could call it your purpose. And no, the words destiny and goal are not synonymous with purpose. (I consider it your "small" purpose, as opposed to your "large" purpose which I believe to be reaching enlightenment or self-realization. As you can see, I believe in aiming high.)

This Life Path number is derived from your date of birth. It signifies the window in time through which you came to be in a human form, to live a number of years, until you come to another window through which you step out of this life leaving your human form to return to dust. That, at least, is the way I see it. But rest assured, by no means do I see it as my job to convince you that my vision is true.

What I do want you to understand is that Numerology, if interpreted properly, views your Life Path as indicative of the direction and the evolutionary progress you are meant to follow. It's a cycle, it changes and it's dynamic, not stable and stagnant. The attributes belonging to whatever number your Life Path happens to be, are not inert but active. And they were given to you because you need them in order to progress along your life's path. If you consider this versus my explanation of how the numbers in your name affect you, you will realize that their influence is very different.

Let me give you an example. I have both a 16/7 Life Path and a 16/7 Personality. The 16/7 Life Path, derived from my date of birth, reveals my path to be one of spiritual growth, driven by intellectual curiosity, a search for knowledge, for understanding. Not about just anything, but specifically about life and death and the mystery of it all. This is, and has always been, the main ingredient of my life, so I guess Numerology's description of my Life Path number is accurate. But how about that 16/7 Personality? Wouldn't that pretty much give me the same attributes? Well, yes and no. The 16/7 Personality gave me those same traits, but packaged and delivered quite differently. My external presence, now mostly outgrown thank you very much, was that of a geeky introvert bookworm. A quiet intellectual hiding behind Coke bottle lenses and feeling uncomfortable and out of place pretty much anywhere. These traits are typical to a 16/7 Personality, but not a 16/7 Life Path. Had my Personality been a 3, I would still have been the spiritual dreamer and seeker I am, due to my 16/7 Life Path, but my Personality would have been much more social, fun loving, comfortable with others, expressive, and so forth. By the same token, a 16/7 Personality doesn't necessarily set someone on a path to seek spiritual growth, but it will definitely make that person look the part: geeky, quiet, bookish, etc.

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The third pillar: your future

Finally, there is the third pillar: your future forecast. Here too, the numbers are based on your date of birth, because they were set in motion by your birth. The moment you stepped onto your path, the cycles kicked in and started influencing you as time went by. This is another undeniably beautiful piece of logic behind the science of Numerology. Like the gears of the universe clicking into gears set in motion by your own birth, everything works together, and if you look closely -- as Numerology does -- you can recognize the synchronicity and, to some extent, predict future influences and events.

Three sides of a single, amazing story: you, your path, and your future.

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Absorbing it all

When you read your Numerology report carefully, paying attention to where each number affects you, the amount of insight you can gain, and the things you can learn about yourself are truly mindboggling.

My reports are extensive. By far the most complete available anywhere, because in my work I'm a fanatic who is never pleased for long. If you get one of my reports, which can easily run into a few dozen pages, you might read it in one sitting and conclude that it is nice, or accurate, or not so nice, or confusing, or fitting anyone, or not you at all, or you to a T. But the real value is in reading it again, slowly, one aspect at a time, not moving on to the next one until you have contemplated what you just read. I don't produce junk food. It wasn't meant to be swallowed quickly and get you back into the rat race. I worked on my programs for many years, writing text files, improving them, adding more, replacing others. You might say that I have been working on your report since 1984, and today, in 2012, I am in the process of overhauling and improving them still -- a new approach, a new vision. Because I hope to find ways to make things just a little more clear, a little more applicable, a little more revealing, for as long as I can. It's all part and parcel of my 16/7 Life Path -- well, no, I would actually consider my love for Numerology more typical a result of my 16/7 Personality than my Life Path.

My desire to reach self-realization and enlightenment, now that's where my 16/7 Life Path comes in. I didn't say the 16/7 is a practical realist, did I?

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