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Summer Tarot Cards

Which Tarot cards will bring you the most inspiration and opportunity in the summer season?

By Staff

The Tarot is full of symbolism, associations, and deelpy rooted connections to our lives. In Astrology, summer is associated with the Summer Solstice and the signs Cancer and Leo -- but what Tarot cards are associated with this warm, sunny season?

There are actually three Tarot cards of the 78-card Tarot deck associated with Summer! Naturally, The Sun is one them. And the card associated with Cancer, The Chariot, is another. But did you know the real summer Tarot card is the Page of Cups?

Page of Cups

Page of Cups

In a Tarot deck, the whole suit of Cups is associated with the element of Water, and therefore connected to the summer season. Water is the ruling element of summer because the sign that starts the season -- Cancer -- is a Water sign. The cards in the Cups suit are all about emotion, joy, intuitions, and relationships.

Each Minor Arcana suit has four Court cards -- the Page, Knight, Queen and King. As the first of these Court cards, the Pages represent youth and new beginnings. Think of the Pages like the Cardinal signs of Astrology -- the four zodiac signs that start the seasons. Each Page represents the ushering in of a new season too, and the Page of Cups is the card that brings us summer.

The Page of Cups is full of inspiration, connectivity, and growth. You could be blessed with wonderful opportunities in the summer months!

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Let's check out some other cards deeply connected to the summer season...

The Sun

The Sun

It would be impossible to look at The Sun Tarot card and NOT think of summer. Usually featuring a bright yellow sun, this card represents life, vitality, energy, and joy. Most Sun Tarot cards also depict one or more small children, signifying youth and beginnings, just like the Pages. Just as the Sun brings light to our lives, this card wants us to step into our authentic selves and let our inner light shine, becoming a beacon for others.

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The Chariot

The Chariot

While The Chariot Tarot card doesn't represent the entire summer season, it is very connected to the first month of summer! The Chariot is the Tarot card associated with the zodiac sign Cancer -- the Cardinal, or first, sign of the summer season. While the Sun is in Cancer from June 21 (the Summer Solstice) to July 22, the tenacious and focused energy of The Chariot energy is strong.

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