How You Love, Based on Your Birth Chart How You Love, Based on Your Birth Chart

The Love Detector: How to Find Romance with Your Birth Chart

Answer your burning questions about love with the Ultimate Love Report

Let’s face it: relationships aren’t easy! Whether you’re looking for fireworks or trying to keep a spark aflame, it can be exhausting. It sure would be nice if there were some sort of instruction manual to keep you from getting burned -- oh wait, that’s what Astrology is for!

Your birth chart contains an encyclopedia of information about your love life. And while it may not be able to tell you who your soulmate is, it can definitely tell you what to look for on your way to finding them.

The Ultimate Astrology Love Report is an in-depth analysis tailored specifically to you by using your birth date, birth time, and birth location. In it, you’ll learn specific things about yourself and find answers to crucial questions, such as …

What attracts you to someone?
What’s your love language?
What turns you on?

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The Ultimate Astrology Love Report

Chapter 1: Your Love Personality

Ever wonder why you’re always attracting the same type of person -- or why you keep repeating the same mistakes? Well, Venus has the 411 on all your relationship ups and downs. The planet of love reveals what you’re looking for in a partner, the kinds of people you’re attracted to, and the major challenges that might get in your way. You’ll also discover what juicy things are going on in your 7th House of Relationships.

Chapter 2: Your Love Language

Good communication is key in any healthy relationship, but do you even know what love language you need to be speaking? Having a better grasp of this detail can help you navigate love a lot more gracefully. By looking at Mercury, the Moon, and your 3rd House of Communication, you can learn how you show others you love them and what kind of communication style you prefer in a lover, as well as how you tend to nurture others and how you like to be nurtured in return.

Chapter 3: Your Desires in Love

Sex can be complicated, so let’s change that! In this chapter, you’ll find everything you need to know about who turns you on, what lights your fire, and how you approach intimacy. You’ll look at where Mars was when you were born, as well as what’s going on in your 5th House of Romance and your 8th House of Intimacy. When you’re done, you’ll know exactly what you want -- and how to get it.

Chapter 4: Your Love Predictions

Astrology can’t predict the future down to the last detail, but it can give you some pretty big clues. Some days are fertile for planting seeds of love, while others are better spent changing the locks on your front door. In this chapter, you’ll get the full download on all the potent transits happening in the sky and how they will impact your love life.

Ultimate Love Report

Ultimate Love Report

Answers to Your Burning Questions

Do you ever feel like you’re playing the game of love wrong? The Ultimate Love Report can help you figure out why you are the way you are when it comes to dating and romance … and give you the insight to step up your game. Here are just a few examples of the questions you can find answers to with your personalized report.

1. Attracted to bad boys/girls?
The sign on your 7th house cusp says a lot about who you’re attracted to. If you have signs like Aries or Scorpio here, you’re probably drawn to the exciting, passionate type. And yes, that might mean they like getting into a little trouble, too.

2. Always in romantic ruts?
Does it feel like the glass is half empty in your love life? You may have some challenging aspects between Venus and Saturn in your chart. Don’t panic -- you’re not destined to end up alone. This just means you’re here to learn the value of patience, hard work, and commitment.

3. Is your sex drive insatiable?
Do your lovers have trouble keeping up with your appetite? Not everyone has the same amount of gas in their tank. If Mars was in a fire sign when you were born (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), then odds are, yours is always full.

4. Put people on pedestals?
If you tend to idolize romantic partners or often struggle with power dynamics in your relationships, look out for aspects between Pluto and Venus in your chart. You’re likely attracted to powerful people, but the thing is, you’re really just looking for your own power.

5. Love the chase?
While most people can get seduced by someone who plays hard to get, some like the pursuit more than others. If you have Sagittarius in your 7th House of Relationships, it’s pretty likely you’re attracted to someone who’s a little distant.

6. Obsessed with fairytale endings?
Happily ever after sounds nice and all, but if you have aspects between Mercury and Neptune in your chart, you likely only hear what you want to hear. Watch out for wishful thinking or unrealistic expectations in love matters.

7. Are you touchy-feely?
Everyone communicates love differently. If Mercury was in sensual Taurus when you were born, you probably love a big hug and maybe even a backrub when you get home from work. On the other hand, if Mercury was hanging out in chatty Gemini, you might just need someone to listen while you talk about your day.

8. Always getting tongue-tied?
You’ve probably heard about Mercury Retrograde, but do you know if Mercury was retrograde when you were born? Don’t fret if that’s the case! Although some of your love notes may get lost in translation, you probably just need a minute to think of the right words to say. When you do, they hit hard.

9. When will you win the love jackpot?
Want to know the most auspicious time to keep your heart open? When Jupiter transits into your 7th House of Relationships, you’ll want to put all your chips on the table. Just know when to cut your losses. Even though you can win big, you can lose big too.

10. Will it be a breakup or breakthrough?
Buckle up, because when transiting Uranus aspects your natal Venus, relationships can feel like a roller coaster. It doesn’t always mean that the ride is coming to an end, though. Trust that whoever is in your life at that time is here to wake you up to your authentic self.

Get your FREE Love Report Sample and find out now!Get your personalized Ultimate Astrology Love Report and find out now!

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