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Your 3rd House of Communication and Information

The third house represents how you speak, learn, and work with your surroundings.

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What is the 3rd house in Astrology? The 3rd house rules communication, thought processes, short-distance travel, transportation, and our relationships with siblings and neighbors. What do these parts of life have in common? They all reveal how we relate to our immediate environment. First and foremost, this involves how we take in information and how we spew it back out.

Looking at a birth chart, the zodiac sign that is associated with this house, along with any planets that may occupy it, can tell you a lot about how your mind works. Planets that are currently transiting your 3rd house can even help you anticipate when important news could arrive or when to have an important conversation.

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3rd House Themes

  • Communication
  • Information
  • Mental Activity
  • Local Places and Travel
  • Learning
  • Siblings and Neighbors

3rd House Meaning

After a sense of self is established and solidified in the 1st and 2nd houses, it’s time to take it out into the environment. The 3rd house represents the things that are near us and how our brains understand them.

Learning is the first theme that comes up in the 3rd house. This is the place where we process information, ideas, and language. The zodiac sign here speaks volumes about your mental framework. If Virgo is in your 3rd house, you probably didn’t miss any letters in the spelling bee competition growing up. If Aquarius is here, on the other hand, a typical classroom setting may not work for you.

In order to process information, we need to interpret the words people are saying. Communication is paramount in the 3rd house since it's one of the most direct ways we connect with the people around us. As a result, your style of both written and spoken expression is laid out here. Whether you prefer small talk or heart-to-hearts, you can get some clues as to why in this area.

Since we are most influenced by those closest to us, local community is also represented by this house. This includes siblings, neighbors, and neighborhoods. The 3rd house rules short trips and transportation as well, since traveling via car, bus, bike, or plane is how we bring ourselves closer to those in our environment.

Looking deeper into the 3rd house of your birth chart can help you understand your own mind and dispel the mystery of why you think the way you do.

Planets in the 3rd House

If any planets fall in your 3rd house, you can be sure they have a lot to say. Planets here will affect your learning habits, communication style, and mental framework.

Here’s how any planets in your 3rd house will make themselves known. Not sure which planets are in your 3rd house? Find out for FREE now with our Essential Birth Report »Find out now with our Essential Birth Report »

Sun Symbol

Sun: You might be a bit of a social butterfly. You love meeting new people and sharing ideas, and they likely admire your writing or speaking skills. Just don’t get too caught up in the gossip.

Moon Symbol

Moon: You probably don’t have a problem talking about your feelings. However, there may be a tendency to intellectualize your emotions rather than feel them.

Mercury Symbol

Mercury: While you may come across as a little scattered, your brain is likely just doing calisthenics. Learning new concepts and expressing your ideas is your ideal workout.

Venus Symbol

Venus: Whether you’re a poet or just a smooth talker, charming words come naturally to you. An intellectual connection is at the top of your list when it comes to finding the ideal partner.

Mars Symbol

Mars: Your keen curiosity makes you knowledgeable about many things and eager to share them with others. When it comes to conflict, words can serve as both your armor and your sword.

Jupiter Symbol

Jupiter: No philosophy or theory is too complex for you. Your ability to see the bigger picture helps you to stay positive and well-liked by others.

Saturn Symbol

Saturn: Your serious communication style can come off a little cold. Keep your pessimism in check -- the glass isn’t always half empty.

Uranus Symbol

Uranus: Boredom might just be your worst enemy. You think outside the box and thrive in environments where your unconventional mind can run free.

Neptune Symbol

Neptune: Your active imagination makes you more of a visual learner. You have an artistic mind and might even be able to read the minds of others.

Pluto Symbol

Pluto: Your soul finds emotional security by intellectually understanding the world around you. You’re being asked to transcend the limits of the rational mind and open your intuitive faculty.

Chiron Symbol

Chiron: A fear of rejection for expressing your thoughts and ideas can make communication difficult for you. This could stem from early wounds of feeling misunderstood.

North Node Symbol

North Node: A tendency to hold onto your beliefs without entertaining facts may need to shift. As you listen and integrate other points of view, you can be a skilled writer or teacher.

South Node Symbol

South Node: An attachment to logic may dominate your past. Your journey demands that you listen to your intuition. When you do, teaching and sharing knowledge may be on the horizon.

Transits in the 3rd House

If a planet is currently moving through the 3rd house of your birth chart, this may color the conversations you have or change the way you think. Depending on the specific planet in transit, its energy could either bring new opportunities or obstacles.

For example, if Saturn transits your 3rd house, you may have a misunderstanding or run into a roadblock with transportation, or you might feel empowered to have a serious conversation with a loved one. If it's powerful Pluto transiting the 3rd house, you might experience a profound shift in the way you communicate your ideas. However, difficult information could also surface that you need to process.

Keeping an eye on the planetary movements in your 3rd house can help you avoid communication mishaps and keep your head in the game.

If the 3rd house holds the key to your communication style, the 4th house is a portal to understanding home and family. Read more about the 4th house to explore these themes.

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