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Your Guide to the Full Moons of 2024

There are 12 Full Moons in 2024 ... but which ones matter most for you?

By Tarot.com Staff

Full Moons are vital to the cycles of our lives. While the lunar events that occur in your Sun or Moon sign will likely have the most powerful effects on you, other Full Moons can stir up some interesting feelings, too! They'll likely affect different areas of your life in unique ways -- especially if they coordinate with another powerful lunar aspect.

Full Moons are what we see during a Moon-Sun opposition, when the Moon is fully lit by the Sun. They occur roughly once a month and are a sign of fulfillment and completion.

What does a Full Moon mean?

Full Moons occur when the Moon and the Sun are directly across from each other, allowing the Moon’s face to be fully illuminated by the light of the Sun. As the culmination of the Moon's monthly cycle, Full Moons symbolize completion and fulfillment. Each Full Moon also has its own cultural name, often referring to things seen in nature or ancestral activities performed around the time it lights up the skies.

Any Full Moon is a great opportunity to reflect on your monthly goals and what you've accomplished so far. You can also boost the power of an individual Full Moon in your life, depending on the sign the Moon is in and other astrological events taking place at the same time. We've supplied a few ideas of our own, but don't let us hold you back -- you can use this content as a springboard to develop your own Full Moon rituals!

When is the next Full Moon?

Full Moon Calendar 2024

Full Moon in Leo on January 25, 2024

The first Full Moon of 2024 occurs in Leo and is often known as the Wolf Moon, named for the time when wolves are heard howling with hunger in the heart of winter. Luna’s emotional nature and Leo’s fiery spirit call us to howl out our loudest feelings as well! The Moon squares over-the-top Jupiter on the same day, amplifying everything till we can hardly hear ourselves think. If anything needs to come to an end during this Full Moon, we’ll know.

Don’t be afraid to get loud and messy! Take advantage of the Leo Full Moon energy by letting out your emotions -- everything from screaming into a pillow to making splatter artwork is on the table right now. You might even look into visiting a "rage room" to release any powerful feelings in a safe way.

Full Moon in Virgo on February 24, 2024

With winter's long nights, it's no surprise that February's Full Moon is called the Snow Moon. The Moon in careful Virgo opposes strict Saturn at the same time, and the details matter more than ever -- especially when it comes to our mental health. When gray days get us down, it's easy to distract ourselves with unhealthy or self-destructive habits. The Virgo Full Moon asks us to consider what will actually make us feel better in the long run.

For now, you can light up your life by making sure your blinds are open to let in any sunlight! Do stressful storms abound? Light fresh-scented candles like jasmine, citrus, or mint. You can also leave any Tarot decks or sentimental crystals on the windowsill overnight during this Full Moon to soak up that healthy Virgo energy.

Full Moon in Libra on March 25, 2024

The March Full Moon in Libra is sometimes referred to as the Worm Moon, since as the ground warms up and softens, earthworms begin to re-reappear, followed by the birds. The early birds definitely get the worms this month! We can follow their example by reveling in Libra's social energy, letting the Full Moon wake us up at the end of our long winter hibernation.

This is a particularly good time to invite some friends over for a game night -- perhaps you could even do Tarot readings for each other. The Lunar Eclipse also boosts your social power. If you're in need of some new friends, let Luna bolster your confidence to attend events that interest you and meet some new folks.

Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23, 2024

April's Full Moon, or the Pink Moon, occurs in shrouded Scorpio and gets its name from the earliest pink wildflowers of the season. Don't be fooled by the sweet name! That Scorpion stinger can pierce through the flower petals in no time. We should be wary of secrets that lay buried all winter, as they could show up without warning -- especially since the Moon squares potent Pluto on the same day.

Take advantage of the Scorpio Full Moon's power by recognizing and excising parts of yourself that no longer serve you. Be honest with yourself in this process, whether the subject is as minor as giving away clothes that no longer fit or as major as cutting off an unhealthy relationship. This process may cause some conflict, but the tension should be worth it in the long run.

Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23, 2024

The Sagittarius Full Moon in May is surrounded by powerful aspects, just as we're surrounded by May's blooms that give this Full Moon its name: the Flower Moon. As Luna interacts with boundless Jupiter, adoring Venus, and dreamy Neptune, we are blessed with an opportunity to appreciate everything the universe offers us.

An ideal way to spend this Full Moon would be appreciating nature in one way or another -- particularly wild nature, thanks to the Sagittarean affinity for freedom. Consider going on a nature walk and making an effort to appreciate the little things that may not normally catch your attention, like fresh sprigs of grass, chattering squirrels, or migratory birds passing overhead. If you're stuck indoors, try putting on a documentary about one of the world's countless beautiful locales.

Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21, 2024

In March, we see the first of two consecutive Capricorn Full Moons. This Moon is often called the Strawberry Moon, signifying the time of year when the Native American Algonquin tribes would rush to gather ripe strawberries. If you have any half-finished projects lying around, the steady Capricorn Moon is offering you a stable platform to pick them back up. Nothing currently in progress? Think about what you could get started in advance of next month's Capricorn Full Moon.

For now, you can respect the energy of this Full Moon by baking or cooking something to share with others. There are all sorts of delicious dishes that can be made in a day! Splitting something yummy with loved ones will give you a chance to feel productive and obtain the recognition from others that security-minded Capricorn appreciates.

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 21, 2024

July's Full Moon is the second of this year's two Capricorn Full Moons. This Moon is also known as the Thunder Moon, in honor of the frequent thunderstorms this time of year. Between any storms outside and inside, resuming old projects may seem intimidating. Fortunately, thanks to the Capricorn Full Moon's stabilizing energy, completing projects will likely be easier than you think -- and doing so can supply you with much-needed security.

If you're having a hard time settling down to work, try taking a break to reflect on anything you've already done, perhaps while holding a meaningful gemstone or personal item. Garnet is frequently associated with stable Capricorn, but anything significant to you will help center your mind. Even if the things you have completed weren't in your plan for the year, you've likely accomplished worthwhile goals already. Give yourself a little credit!

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 19, 2024

The Full Moon in August is called the Sturgeon Moon for the time when Native American fishing tribes can most easily catch this fish in certain lakes, and it takes place in Aquarius. Like fish teeming together, there are several other aspects occurring around this Full Moon and they all contribute to the day's overall theme of relationships.

This Aquarius Full Moon reminds us that just as each planet has its own influence, each of us influences our communities. Reflect on your knowledge and interactions with the people around you. If you don't know the Big 3 signs -- Sun, Moon, and Rising -- of a close friend, this is a great time to ask them about it.

Full Moon in Pisces on September 17, 2024

This year, September hosts the Harvest Moon, the closest Full Moon to the Autumn Equinox on September 22. This Full Moon takes place in idealistic Pisces and also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse. Seeds that were once small can blossom in major ways, and your simple actions can have major benefits. The Lunar Eclipse softens the potentially harsh light of the Full Moon, reminding us all that a little compassion goes a long way.

This Pisces Full Moon is a wonderful time to volunteer in your local community -- local food banks or other charities can almost always use some helping hands, after all! Still, you can't pour from an empty cup. If you're in need of aid this Full Moon, be sure to ask for it.

Full Moon in Aries on October 17, 2024

October's Full Moon has been called the Hunter's Moon, as it marks the time Native American tribes can hunt for the fattest game and prepare for the upcoming winter. This Full Moon occurs in bold Aries, and it isn't afraid to fan that Aries flame and remind us of anything that needs to end, one way or the other. Even if letting go hurts, it should be for the better in the long run.

Avoid letting the Aries Full Moon flames scorch you by releasing whatever no longer serves you. If you aren't sure what needs to go, try doing a Tarot reading -- particularly by the light of a fire of any size, from a bonfire to a candle. Instead of getting caught up in what-if's and maybe-so's, take action on your reading as soon as possible!

Full Moon in Taurus on November 15, 2024

The Taurus Full Moon this November is also known as the Beaver Moon, coinciding with the time that beavers prepare their dams for winter and Native American tribes set beaver traps. It also coincides with the end of Saturn's retrograde phase, further emphasizing this Full Moon's realistic, stable nature.

Staying grounded isn't easy as the weather gets cold -- we may often be tempted to retreat indoors and lose ourselves in technological distractions. This Full Moon, try to head outdoors at least once to center yourself in your surroundings. As you stand outside, identify one thing for each of your five senses: smell, touch, taste, sound, and sight. Let the Bull's practicality and Saturn's determination help you keep your feet on the ground.

Full Moon in Gemini on December 15, 2024

In December, the Full Moon takes place in Gemini and is referred to as the Cold Moon, thanks to winter's chilly winds. Fortunately, we can find plenty of warmth inside ourselves. We're aided by Mercury leaving retrograde and spinning direct on that same day. Clever Mercury is also Gemini's ruler, so between Mercury Direct and the Gemini Full Moon, cosmic power is invigorating your mind.

Despite this cerebral stimulation, it’s still easy to get bogged down by the long, dark nights. Decrease the impact of seasonal doldrums by shaking things up on the night of the Gemini Full Moon. Try to do something you would usually avoid -- perhaps you can watch a movie in an unusual genre, research a new hobby, or eat something you haven't tried before.

Every lunar phase will affect your life in one way or another -- but the individual ways each Full Moon impacts you depends on, well, you! Your personal birth chart affects the light of every Full Moon. Discover your soul's secrets right now with our Essential Birth Chart report.free Essential Birth Chart report.

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