Grand Water Trine: Magic Moments

Grand Water Trine: Magic Moments

A time of healing and recovery to face your next challenges is here...

By Jeff Jawer

This is a magical week, but one of such subtle wizardry that it can pass unnoticed if we don't stop to tune into its unique planetary energies. Four planets align in an equilateral triangle that's called a Grand Trine from July 17-22. Expansive Jupiter in Cancer forms favorable 120-degree angles with realistic Saturn in Scorpio and dreamy Neptune in Pisces on June 17 and is then joined by energetic Mars in Cancer three days later. This rare pattern combines hope and vision (Jupiter), responsibility and commitment (Saturn), faith and forgiveness (Neptune), and passionate action (Mars) in a perfectly balanced way that can reshape the future. Reveal the daily Astrological cycles that will impact you through's VIP membership.

Inward, not outward

This Grand Trine occurs in Water signs that are associated with emotions, which makes it more of a quiet inner journey than an obvious, outward adventure. Protective Cancer, merging Scorpio and spiritual Pisces are more receptive than active ... requiring a relatively passive state to take in their nourishing message. Meditation or quiet time in nature allows us to recognize and receive this gentle but powerful pattern. Logic and analysis tend to work as barriers against the sensitive energies of the Grand Water Trine, so let the mind get out of the way to sense the poetry and inspiration of this event.

A new commitment

While outward ambition is not the initial impulse of the Grand Water Trine, insights received now can have a powerful effect on career and other worldly ambitions. Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of profession and public status. Their trine indicates a perfect balance between aspiration and commitment that's essential for turning a big idea into a realistic plan. Jupiter's trine with Neptune is so filled with faith and forgiveness that old wounds may start to heal more quickly. Understanding the meaning of past suffering is a key to reducing its impact in the future.

Dreams do come true

Serious Saturn trine imaginative Neptune connects fantasy and reality in a way that helps dreams come true. Saturn also provides discipline for Neptune's creative and spiritual inclinations. This also tempers compassion with limits so that we can respond to one another in caring ways without sacrificing ourselves. Mars acts like a trigger that gently prods us to act on the insights of this amazing Grand Water Trine. Its presence in tender Cancer provides a gentle touch to motivate action in cautious, comfortable and comforting ways.

A spa for the soul

Cancer is the most personal of the Water signs, representing individual roots and family patterns. Scorpio is about relationships and encountering others in deep ways that challenge our values, yet bring missing elements to empower partnerships. Pisces represents universal feelings, the collective ocean of emotion in which we wade in. It's the spiritual dimension where all boundaries and barriers fall away in a collective sea of consciousness. The combination of all three signs activated through the connections of Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Mars is like an oasis -- an emotional spa where we can heal our wounds and fill up with feelings of hope and purpose. Drinking deeply of these cosmic waters will provide psychological and metaphysical fuel for the next great journey of our lives.

Reveal the daily Astrological cycles that will impact you through's VIP membership.

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