Gwen Stefani's Astrology

Gwen Stefani

It's nothing but style for this loving Libra

By Jeff Jawer

Gwen Stefani is a gracious and stylish Libra with a smile that can melt the coldest heart. But her chart is loaded with planets in practical Earth signs that represent the focus, drive and discipline that has taken her to the top.

Libra is a socially sensitive sign that loves to please people, and few recent pop singers have been able to do it as well as the delightfully adorable Gwen Stefani. Her rock star status, musician husband and model good looks would invoke envy if she didn't come across as such a sweetie. Her quirky style has spawned imitators and given rise to Gwen's own successful clothing line. Now married and a mother of two boys, she seems to have it all. The gracious smile and apparent ease she possesses reflect the conjunction between Jupiter, Astrology's traditional planet of bounty and good fortune, and her Sun. This expansive combination has gifted Gwen with talent, and an audience to appreciate it. Generous Jupiter's close union with the Sun, the source of life and center of identity, is why Gwen projects such a bouncy and joyous image. It is real, but it hasn't come without worry and hard work.

Gwen's Libran grace is backed up by an intense desire to be the very best she can be. Jupiter does want more, so its prominent position will continue to push her forward. But the troops in the trenches are most strongly represented by Venus, Mars and Saturn. Venus, Libra's ruling planet, is associated with love, beauty and the arts. Gwen's is in the self-critical sign of Virgo, which indicates that she will rarely be content with the quality of her work. Refining and improving her product is a habitual approach with the planet of taste in this exacting sign.

Mars, the planet of actions and methods, is in Capricorn in Gwen's chart, another hard-working Earth sign. This represents the discipline and ambition that have helped drive her career.

Saturn, the responsible ruling planet of Capricorn, forms harmonious trines to both Venus and Mars from its home in earthy Taurus. The easy connection between Saturn, Venus and Mars makes Gwen efficient in a natural way. She may not feel like she's driving hard, since her instincts focus on getting results. She may be pretty, smile broadly, dance sweetly and sing well, but these gifts have all been polished with hours and hours of effort and attention to detail. Maybe that keeps her modest, and is another reason why she's so well liked.

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