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The Astrology of a Perfect Wedding

Using the zodiac to determine the right day to get hitched

By Maria DeSimone

I'm shopping around for wedding dates ... astrologically speaking, that is. Oh there's no need for congratulations -- but thanks anyway. You see, I'm not engaged. I'm not even in a full time relationship. So why the heck am I looking to elect the perfect date, time and location to get married? Good question.

First off, what I can tell you for sure is that over the next two to three years I have significant cycles in my personal Astrology that suggest a second marriage. Most people meet their soul mate first and then pick the wedding date. Not this control freak astrologer! This is where I sometimes think I'm cursed as well as blessed with my ability to astro-analyze. I don't know how to relax and simply allow life to evolve. Instead, I see the cycles and find myself besieged with an uncontrollable urge to plan. Check out your unique cycles for the year ahead with a Big Picture Love Forecast.

Let's face it; we all want to love and to be loved. This is a fundamental human need and although I, like many of you, have certain short circuits to overcome when it comes to relating, at the end of the day I believe I would like to get married again. This time around however, it'll need to be a marriage that honors the needs of my personal relationship checklist which include having the non-traditional planet Uranus precisely conjunct my 7th House of Committed Partnerships. With this placement, in order for a marriage to work I will need plenty of breathing room. Yet I am a Taurus and crave the security and stability of a long term relationship. We are such complex creatures aren't we?

But back to my wedding date...

As soon as I realized, I have such compelling cycles for marriage in my imminent future I began to scour my Ephemeris (a book that indicates where every planet is on any given day) for certain patterns that astrologers look for when electing a wedding chart. Things like a happy relationship between Venus and Mars and/or the Sun and Moon, a strong and direct Venus, Mercury and Mars or a date that falls in the two weeks following a New Moon. These are only a handful of the factors an astrologer will consider when looking for the ideal time to give birth to a marriage. That's what electional astrology is by the way -- a branch of Astrology that specializes in choosing the optimal birth chart for a certain event. This can be anything from the launch of a website, business or your marriage.

The more I would look over the Ephemeris however, and time potential charts, the more obsessed I became. I really want the perfect wedding date. Why? This is not a guarantee of a happily ever after marriage. There's free will and a host of other factors that come into the recipe for a good, long lasting marriage.

Good but not perfect

I realize that for me, it's somewhat of an anxiety. You see, my first marriage had an incredible wedding chart ... almost perfect. All the rules were obeyed in the astrological kingdom and the funny thing is that I wasn't even an astrologer when I got married the first time -- the chart was fated.

Yet, despite the ideal chat, my first marriage didn't last. This proves that even under the best astrological conditions, if your marriage is over it’s over.

So why would I even bother to consider the ideal time to marry? Remember, I am not even betrothed yet. I must be nuts! I think it goes back to a fear of failure. If and when I choose to get married again I don't want it to fail. I want every possible drop of cosmic assistance to ensure it'll be a solid union. With Uranus conjunct my Descendant and other stressful relationship indicators in my birth chart I feel like I can use all the help the Universe wants to give me. 

I have spent hours and hours looking for the perfect time to marry over the next few years. And you know what? There is none. I cannot beat the perfection that my first wedding chart had. Isn't that ironic?

There are always lessons to be learned

Maybe ... maybe not. This might be a huge cosmic joke or a major personal lesson about surrendering. Here lies the nugget of wisdom that comes from this blog post -- at least for me. If you’re not willing to surrender then how can you fall in love in the first place?

This might be why I have a few wedding dates to consider, but no husband-to-be. I'm still in the process of learning to surrender and allow myself to fall truly, madly deeply in love with a man. Then, when my heart whispers that the time is right, I hope to be strong enough to surrender to the fated time I'm meant to marry.

Well, maybe I won't surrender completely. I'd still like that happy Venus-Mars connection. Oh and if I could manage to connect it well to Jupiter ... well that would be a total bonus.

Ah the lessons we all need to learn! Even when you're an astrologer. ESPECIALLY when you're an astrologer.

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