Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces: Caring, Emotional, Imaginative

Feb 18, 2025 – Mar 20, 2025

By Staff

The Sun moves into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, in February of each year, signaling the ending of one cycle before a new one begins at the Spring Equinox. And what do we do when something ends and before we begin again? Take a breather! That’s why the Sun in Pisces is considered a time to heal and regain strength before starting anew.

The Pisces Sun makes it a lot easier for us to tap into our intuition and follow our instincts. This is a time to dream, rest, and surrender to something greater than ourselves. Our escapist tendencies can easily get the best of us during this whimsical, daydream-filled period.

Find out what we'll experience when the Sun swims alongside the watery sign of Pisces...

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When the Sun is in Pisces

We’ll all take a walk on the spiritual side when the Sun moves into dreamy Pisces! Reveal the best ways to wander and wonder during this transit:


Take care of someone! Pisces is the most compassionate and caring zodiac sign, so they are at their best when doing something kind for others. Adopt this admirable Pisces quality and use it to help someone out.


Something poetic. The dreamy Fishes are artsy and creative, so this transit is the best time to channel your inner Pisces and write or speak something beautiful to someone you love.


Bed! Pisces gets a bad rap for being lazy, but they really just need a safe place to lie down, close their eyes, and dream the day away. If you find your mind meandering while the Sun is in Pisces, give yourself permission to take a sweet little nap.


It doesn’t matter! Life is not about what we wear, it’s about who we are. That’s the typical Pisces mindset, of course. If you’re tired of dressing for success, the Pisces Sun is a good time to hop into some sweats and forget about fashion.


Anything that connects you to your spirituality. It’s easier to tune into your intuition while the Sun is in Pisces, so shop for New Age healing crystals, incense, candles, Tarot cards -- all of Pisces’ favorite supplies.


Escapism. Highly sensitive, compassionate, and imaginative, Pisces is at risk of withdrawing when they feel too much or get caught up in daydreams. Try to keep yourself grounded (at least a little bit) while the Sun is in Pisces.


Healing! By the time the Sun moves out of Pisces, you’ll feel renewed and reconnected with your spiritual self.

If you were born with the Sun in Pisces

As a Water sign, you are often floating through an ever-changing sea of emotion. In the world of Water, instincts and feelings are stronger than reason and planning. You have a reputation for being a dreamer, someone who lets their mind drift off into fantasyland. This is how you escape life when it becomes overwhelming and your emotions get kicked into high gear.

As an empath, you easily soak up the feelings and emotions of everyone around you -- it’s why Pisces has been referred to as a psychic sponge. It’s always Pisces to the rescue when you sense something is wrong. Learning when to help others and when to let others help themselves can sometimes be a struggle for those of you with a Pisces Sun sign.


Ah, Pisces, you love to be in love! Ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy, you are a true romantic who wants the magic that comes with finding your soul mate. Once you do find someone you can spiritually bond with, you don’t mind letting yourself get totally swept up by your love.

Gentle and nurturing, you shower your lovers with unconditional love. You use your powers of perceptions to anticipate your partner’s every want and need, often putting their desires above your own.


You are a creative type who does best in unstructured environments -- nine-to-five kind of gigs just aren’t for you! You thrive in jobs that inspire you, and fortunately, inspiration is endless. Music, art, dance, and theater are all areas where you’ll flourish. You may even choose to become a healer of some sort, a career where your sympathetic heart relieves the suffering of others.


It’s easy to see why Pisces is so popular! Friendly and easygoing, you have a special knack for making people feel right at home with you. Plus, your adaptable nature makes it easy for you to blend right into any social circle.

Your friends would probably describe you as one of the most generous people they know -- you’d give someone the shirt off your back if they asked you to. Your altruism sometimes means getting taken advantage of, so make sure to only give to those who really deserve it.

What sets you apart:

Your compassion is limitless! It’s hard not to care about someone else’s suffering when you feel it as your own. Just be sure to create a quiet space for yourself so you can feel your own feelings instead of others’.

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Sun in Pisces traits:
  • Sensitive
  • Intuitive
  • Compassionate
  • Selfless
  • Gentle
  • Romantic
  • Spiritual
  • Introverted
  • Artistic

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