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What's Your Rising Sign Story?

Know your Ascendant and know yourself...

By Maria DeSimone

I remember attending a lecture here in New York years ago given by a prominent astrologer. The topic of that particular talk escapes me, but a passing nugget of information that he relayed was instantly -- and permanently -- etched into my mind.

You might be familiar with the Ascendant, or Rising sign of your horoscope. If you're not, it's an incredibly vital piece of and you can find out what it is with an Essential Birth report. The Ascendant is what I like to call "The cover of your book." It suggests qualities that are most obviously tied to your personality. These are the traits you'll most immediately show the rest of the world when they meet you. 

But there's an even deeper significance when you consider the planet that rules your Ascendant. This wise astrologer shared with us that the ruler of your Ascendant -- also known as the ruler of your chart -- is where you will "find yourself." 

His words made the hairs on the back of my neck tingle. 

I began to consider this in greater depth and started to look at this in my chart, the charts of loved ones, clients and students. 

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Follow the clues

For me, it's a no brainer. Not only is the ruler of the chart where you find yourself, but in my opinion it also holds important clues as to what your soul's most immediate purpose is in this life time. 

I have Aries rising ... and because Mars rules Aries, this means Mars is the ruler of my chart. In my horoscope, Mars is placed in tender Cancer in the 3rd House of Communication -- very close to the 4th House of Family.

Mars is our fighting response. It's what fuels us, what drives us to "do" anything. Cancer is sensitive, intuitive and nurturing. Mars in Cancer will fight for security and family ... she's extremely protective.

In the 3rd house, Mars suggests asserting one's voice with courage. Taking a leadership role in speaking, writing, teaching, and communicating with intuition and sensitivity is literally where I find myself. Having the courage to speak my truth is certainly one of my soul's most immediate purposes. 

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Hitting home...

I have found that my Mars in Cancer also works in the 4th house quite vividly. From early experiences of violence in my home life, to adult experiences of having to fight for my children in the most fierce "mamma bear" way you could imagine. Part of my soul's most immediate purpose is surely connected to these lessons. I find myself when I assert my Mars in Cancer in the most illuminative way, rather than fall into its angry shadow expression. 

What planet rules your Ascendant? Here is a quick list below:

Aries rising: Ruled by Mars

Taurus rising: Ruled by Venus

Gemini rising: Ruled by Mercury

Cancer rising: Ruled by the Moon

Leo rising: Ruled by the Sun

Vigo rising: Ruled by Mercury

Libra rising: Ruled by Venus

Scorpio rising: Ruled by Pluto, co-ruled by Mars

Sagittarius rising: Ruled by Jupiter

Capricorn rising: Ruled by Saturn

Aquarius rising: Ruled by Uranus, co-ruled by Saturn

Pisces rising: Ruled by Neptune, co-ruled by Jupiter

Once you've identified the planet that is your chart ruler, you'll want to look at your horoscope to see where it is placed and in what sign. This will help you flesh out clues about where and how you will find yourself as well as what qualities you'll use to make this happen.

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It's a case-by-case study

Is the ruler of your chart in your 1st House of Self? Then there are special considerations to identity development. 2nd House of Comfort? Perhaps you find yourself when you connect to your sense of self-worth or develop ways to earn money by cultivating your talents. What about the 4th house? This clearly has to do with family and perhaps learning to nurture yourself in a deep, rooted way. 5th House of Expression? Creativity, children, and romance may be ways you find yourself.

The "where" is indicated by the house your chart ruler is placed. The "what" is the actual planet and the "how" is explained by the sign that planet is in.

Go ahead and play around with your horoscope. See what you come up with and feel free to share your revelations in the comments box. The more you get lost in your birth chart, the more likely it is that you will, eventually, find yourself.

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