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Your 2nd House of Money and Values

The second house represents your resources, self-worth, and financial habits.

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What is the 2nd house in Astrology? In a birth chart, the 2nd house represents the things that are of value to us. Obviously, money is the first thing that comes to mind for most, but this house also speaks to our material possessions, basic human needs, and the personal resources we have at our disposal. Although there's a practical edge to the 2nd house, on the soft side of this terrain lies issues of self-worth and the value we see in ourselves.

The zodiac sign associated with this house in your birth chart, as well as any planets you have in this house either at birth or currently, can help you better understand your approach to these matters and clue you in on how to manifest wealth in your life.

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2nd House Themes

  • Finances
  • Values
  • Possessions
  • Basic Needs
  • Personal Resources
  • Self-Worth

2nd House Meaning

While the 1st house asks who you are, the 2nd house asks what you have. This territory colors your relationship to the things that belong to you and how you feel about them.

The 2nd house rules all things money -- how you make it, spend it, lend it, and save it. Your approach to practical matters, like paying bills on time or investing in a retirement fund, is greatly influenced by this area. Do you typically have a lack mindset when it comes to your financial picture? This house can tell you about your relationship to abundance and the way it impacts your emotional security.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a hoarder, the roots of these patterns can be found here. A key to the 2nd house is how much value we place on our own resources. Some of us want the newest goods, while others prefer possessions that are more sentimental. Which purchases are worthy of our income? Which people are worth our time? Which activities deserve our effort? These are questions that the 2nd house wants us to consider.

Our self-worth is also on the table. After the 1st house develops the awareness of self, the 2nd house establishes the importance of self. Here, we can begin to consider how valuable we are to ourselves and the world around us. Your inner sense of “being good enough” arises as you measure your own gifts and abilities against others'.

When you have questions about your financial situation or seek to better understand your feelings about yourself, the 2nd house may hold the answers.

Planets in the 2nd House

If you have any planets that sit in the 2nd house of your birth chart, they can say a lot about your values and resources. When it comes to manifesting what you want in life, this is a good place to look.

Here’s how any planets in your 2nd house can affect you. Not sure which planets are in your 2nd house? Find out for FREE now with our Essential Birth Report »Find out now with our Essential Birth Report »

Sun Symbol

Sun: Building strong self-esteem is necessary for you to thrive. Just watch out for the tendency to identify with what you own or how much money you make.

Moon Symbol

Moon: Financial security is very important for your emotional security. Your challenge is to not hold on to your possessions or emotions too tightly.

Mercury Symbol

Mercury: Your mind likely works in very practical ways. The logical approach to a situation is usually your mode of operation, but sometimes you may get caught in tunnel vision.

Venus Symbol

Venus: There’s no question you’ve got good taste. For you, it’s about quality over quantity. This makes you a sensual lover and a committed partner.

Mars Symbol

Mars: Hard-working and self-reliant, you’re probably just as good at making money as you are at spending it.

Jupiter Symbol

Jupiter: Others may want to sit next to you at the casino since you’ve got the best poker face. Your confidence can make you very prosperous.

Saturn Symbol

Saturn: You’re either the responsible friend when it comes to money, or you’re overly conservative with it. Either way, you may struggle to accumulate the wealth you desire.

Uranus Symbol

Uranus: Expensive diamonds and fancy cars are probably not your thing. You’re more interested in the freedom your money or possessions can give you.

Neptune Symbol

Neptune: While you are likely very generous with what you have, your perception of your economic position may not be grounded in reality.

Pluto Symbol

Pluto: Your soul has needed to establish self-reliance in order to discover its own needs, as well as to transcend the limitations around your own value systems and self-image.

Chiron Symbol

Chiron: Growing up, you may have experienced financial insecurity or the loss of possessions. There could also be a lack of self-worth that is in need of deep healing.

North Node Symbol

North Node: Your mission is to discover your own values and cultivate self-worth so that you have the resources to fully thrive. Finding beauty in simple things is your lighthouse.

South Node Symbol

South Node: Your strong self-reliance makes you very resilient, yet it can also hold you back. Letting go of your attachment to people and things will grow your intimacy with self and others.

Transits in the 2nd House

When a planet in the current skies moves through this part of your birth chart, your financial world is more activated than usual, for better or for worse. The particular flavor of that activation depends on the planet. For instance, with transiting Jupiter in the 2nd house, you may experience a surge of luck in a business situation and see opportunities to grow your income. At the same time, any debts or insecurities could get bigger.

When Saturn passes through your 2nd house, you might feel limited by the amount of money you have or weighed down by your material possessions. On the other hand, you may also feel a greater sense of economic maturity and responsibility to address any problems.

While the 2nd house gives insight into your values and resources, the 3rd house is all about communication and learning. Read more about the 3rd house to see how this part of your birth chart is influencing you!

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