Saturn Sextile Pluto

Saturn Sextile Pluto

Don't miss your cosmic opportunity for an extreme makeover

By Maria DeSimone

If you were born with Saturn and Pluto in aspect in your personal Astrology birth chart, then congratulations: you've got the gift of grit. When you want something -- anything -- there is little that will stand in your way.

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However, make no mistake; Saturn-Pluto is not a ticket to easy street. Quite the contrary, actually. Whatever great accomplishments in life you realize are usually hard won. That's because with Saturn-Pluto, you're well connected to the reality that in order to transform and make your life better you must first wade through a pile of decay and clean it up.

Not very pretty is it? And yet, if there is anyone who can move a mountain, it's those blessed with a Saturn-Pluto link.

Get ready for an extreme makeover

The Astrology in the sky since Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012 has been preparing us collectively for such an "extreme makeover." We have an unusual astrological phenomenon, in that Saturn will make a supportive sextile aspect to Pluto for the next several months, and Saturn and Pluto will also be in "mutual reception" until Saturn leaves Scorpio in 2015.

Think of a mutual reception as two planets that basically become conjoined twins for a stretch of time. When two planets are each in a sign the other rules, they are in mutual reception. For better or worse they share a sacred relationship and their powers are strengthened. Fortunately, Saturn and Pluto are in a happy link, and as a result we're all infused with a temporary capacity to easily remove the decay in our life once and for all.

Saturn made its first exact sextile to Pluto back on December 26, 2012. Saturn turned retrograde on February 18, and on March 8 we'll experience the second retrograde pass of this aspect. Then, on September 21, 2013 we'll have the final hit of this incredibly potent connection. What does this mean for you? Read on...

Saturn sextile Pluto: Personal renovation

No, this has nothing to do with your appearance. It's more like a really deep metamorphosis.

Saturn is in Scorpio, which means we're not talking about anything superficial. Saturn is the planet of discipline and authority. It can be limitation, but when it's in a positive aspect the limitation is more like a necessary and temporary restraint -- sort of like a seatbelt. You may not like wearing one, but hey, you know you must because it might one day save your life. At the same time, if you were driving in a car that caught on fire you'd be nutty to not remove the seat belt quickly and run!

Well, Saturn in Scorpio is now sextile with the planet of power and regeneration, Pluto in influential Capricorn. Wow -- can you feel the clout behind this aspect? It suggests major personal transformation is in the air if you're willing to accept the necessary endings that will come first.

You'll have an extraordinary capacity to be the agent of change in an area of life that promises incredible success! Yes, that does mean there's a proverbial car on fire in your life somewhere. However, the good news is that you're not trapped -- even if you initially think you are.

Breaking free of limitations

Remember, Saturn sextile Pluto is the aspect of perseverance. You have all the cosmic support you can ask for now to not give up despite any perceived restriction that comes your way. Thankfully, those restrictions won't feel impossible to get out of, like a straitjacket or shackles. That would happen if Saturn and Pluto were in a square or opposition, and then you would really have your work cut out for you!

But this time we are only bound by a cosmic seat belt. So, remember this as you move towards that incredible personal transformation. If you're restricted by anything unhealthy that's holding you back from achieving long-lasting personal success, YOU have the power to buckle out of it.

The trick with Saturn sextile Pluto is knowing when a restraint in life is no longer in your best interests -- knowing when it is protective versus when it just holds you back from soaring.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that we need added protection in order to maintain a false sense of security. Kind of like a 10-year-old who insists that she needs those training wheels on her bike. Saturn sextile Pluto will force you to take those training wheels off. After all, the universe in her infinite wisdom knows you don't need them anymore.

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