Weekly Love Horoscopes by Maria DeSimone

Cancer Weekly Love Horoscopes

For the Week of Monday, Jun. 25 — The temptation to buy love this week might be strong. You may not even be trying to do this consciously as you'll genuinely enjoy spoiling your sweetheart. The look on his or her face when you surprise them with generous, thoughtful gifts will truly make you happy. The trouble, however, is that you might inadvertently set an expectation in a new dating relationship. Unless you want to be the sugar daddy or mamma, reign in the temptation to blow all your bucks on impressive date nights and gifts. Real love doesn't have to cost a thing. Married? It might be an emotionally draining week for you and your partner. A Full Moon on Thursday might make you feel like you're in a business arrangement rather than a romantic relationship. Ouch!

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