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Virgo Weekly Love Horoscopes

For the Week of Monday, Jul. 9 — Ahhh, Virgo. Your cosmic fairy godmother is about to wave her magic wand and give you a most precious gift. Her name is Venus. She will move into your sign on Monday where she will remain until August 6. Venus moving through one's sign is no small matter. Happening only once a year, it's a time to celebrate all that is Venusian as it is more easily expressed through you and within you. That means you're now shining a light that is pure love. You're able to express feelings from your heart and give off an attractive vibe to others that makes everyone want to be in your energy space. If single, this will absolutely go a long way towards attracting others your way. If you're in a relationship, you'll be able to give the best you have to offer to your mate in a way that he or she truly values and appreciates. What a blessing.

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