It's All Good

It's All Good

Generally, I dislike the expression "It’s all good." That’s because life is a complex weaving of positive and negative experiences, that there is no good without bad, and most of the time people who say this are blowing smoke. It's like a big whitewash, a denial of reality disguised as confidence. Yet some recent experiences have brought this idea back to me in a way that casts it in a new light.

First, from a spiritual perspective, it is all good, or at least appropriate. This isn't to say that there isn't suffering in the world; everyone experiences some kind of pain, which certainly doesn't feel good. But the spiritual or metaphysical view is larger than a personal one. It places all of existence into a larger framework in which every thought and action has meaning and purpose. We may not be able to see that when we're struggling physically, financially or emotionally in the grind of our daily lives. As long as we're bound up in our egos and individual stories, it's easy to get bogged down in the pain of being human.

Fortunately, there are ways to connect with the higher truth of our well-being and divinity, which a the gift of Jupiter in Taurus. The planet of wisdom in the zodiac's most inert sign reminds us that the answers we seek are with us all the time. Quietly soaking in a hot bath, walking silently in the woods or on the beach, or sitting down to meditate sets aside the distractions of the day's worries to reconnect us with what we truly need. Spirituality is not something outside of us that we should aspire to; it is always present, but is easily lost in the buzz of daily life.

Generous Jupiter, traditional astrology's luckiest planet,is  in Taurus until June 11. The bounty of awareness and opportunity it offers in this sign doesn't come from effort, from striving or pushing ourselves harder and harder. It comes from the grace of stillness and the bliss of silence. We all have everything we need all the time, but it's buried beneath the noise of doubt and fear, desire and ambition. The recognition that you’re in the right place, even if it's an uncomfortable one, is not an invitation to surrender your personal power -- it is a reminder that you're supported by remembering that you are a part of something larger.

The work that we do in the world and the effort we expend for food, shelter, love, pleasure and a sense of purpose is easier and more efficient when we can break away from the struggle and sit in silence to rest our weary hearts and minds and restore our faith in the great unknown. Maybe, it's not all good on one level in the sense that people suffer. But it's helpful to stop and remember that we're all okay in a spiritual sense and that from this perspective we are better able to deal with whatever isn't okay in the material world.