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September 2011 Aquarius Career Horoscope

Don't Take it Personally

You may find yourself tangling with some complicated coworkers, business partners or customers early this month. The Sun is in critical Virgo and your 8th House of Deep Sharing until September 23. You cherish your freedom and can react strongly if you feel that others are trying to control you in any way. But if you can step back and look at situations objectively, instead of taking them as personal affronts, you may discover that greater effectiveness on the job can result from a closer collaboration.

Communication, though, can be slippery around September 8 when chatty Mercury opposes dreamy Neptune before entering Virgo. This can produce misunderstandings that can hang you and someone up about a tiny detail. If you're not clear that you're on the same page, double-check to avoid making any errors.

On September 14, appealing Venus glides into stylish Libra and your visionary 9th house. Artistic, cultural and educational activities, especially related to foreign countries, can be sources of pleasurable connections. The Sun follows suit on September 23 as does Mercury on September 25. Each of these transits can tap into your idealism, intellectualism and curiosity. Yet what would appear to be delightful experiences can quickly turn complex as each of these planets plunges into stressful connections with volatile Uranus and potent Pluto. Sudden turns of events, shifts of mood and power struggles can shake your faith in a working relationship. Yet, keeping an open mind and maintaining your cool allows you to break free of useless alliances to make more interesting and productive ones.