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November 2011 Leo Career Horoscope

Know your roots

Your professional life is ready to take a beneficial turn this month. The fun starts when desirable Venus and intellectual Mercury shoot into fellow Fire sign Sagittarius on Nov. 2. These favorable transits land in your 5th House of Self-Expression, which amplifies your creative abilities and your personal power. The ability to sell yourself and your ideas increases with these planetary helpers. Still, pushing out positive self-promotion will only help in the long run if you back it up with skill, hard work and common sense.

The skeptical Sun in Scorpio is scurrying in the shadows of your 4th House of Foundation until Nov. 22, requiring a keen awareness of your situation. Calculating your moves with a slight dash of doubt helps balance the risks of excessive optimism and any carelessness it might engender.

On Nov. 10 the Full Moon lands in your 10th House of Career, which is useful for gaining attention or, at least, becoming more aware of your professional needs and limitations. But the bottom line of this event in the earthy sign of Taurus is that reason and logic must be part of your perspective. Productive Mars leaves flashy Leo on the same day and enters Virgo, another pragmatic Earth sign. The grander your plans, the stronger and deeper your roots need to be. You can climb higher in your occupation if you've been working toward the goal for a long time. And if you're unhappy with your job and want to change it, slowly developing contacts and building your skills through practice and training is bound to help.