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August 2012 Free Love Horoscope

Stretching emotional limits

Love planet Venus finally changes signs after spending more than four months in jittery Gemini. Instead of blasting through a sign in a month, which is normal, Venus' retrograde cycle slowed the progress of love and relationships by putting it through a few extra spin cycles in the sign of the Twins.

But on August 7, Venus enters caring, cuddly and protective Cancer as we seek comfort and safety with partners. Feelings grow tender in this sensitive water sign, yet all is not peaceful in the magical kingdom of love.

On August 15, Venus opposes penetrating Pluto and forms a stressful square with electrifying Uranus that can radically alter the course of relationships. Unexpected shifts in values and attraction, as well as concerns about power and control, can stretch emotional limits.

The strange contrast of Venus in cautious Cancer and its connections with these transformational outer planets is meant to deepen awareness of our desires, expose our fears and provoke willingness to head in radical new directions. It's best to take an experimental approach to relationships, because feeling settled is unlikely at this time.

However, like pruning a tree, when we're willing to cut out what's no longer useful we can restore health and vitality. Shaking up personal lives may seem risky, but it could be the safest way to ensure a future of rewarding relationships. Passions are pumped up with Mars' entry into its watery home sign Scorpio on August 23, when we're likely to be more intense and play for keeps with our partners.

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