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September 2011 Gemini Love Horoscope

Choose Your Words Carefully

September starts with the Sun dug into the bottom of your chart, which is useful for taking care of matters within your home and with your family. You get some wind in your social sails on September 14, when the love planet Venus enters your 5th House of Romance. This is useful for looking good and making positive impressions on others. However, the unruffled charm of this planetary transit is interrupted by relationship explosions when Venus forms hard aspects (challenging angles) with volatile Uranus on September 18 and potent Pluto the following day. Sudden changes in attitude, appearance and circumstances can destabilize partnerships, perhaps enticing you to run for the hills. But if you can keep your cool, this is an opportunity to make surprising new connections or to deepen the one you already have.

The Sun follows suit on September 23 when it enters sociable Libra and your entertaining 5th house. A rise in self-confidence needs to be managed carefully since solar connections with explosive Uranus and pressurized Pluto occur on September 25 and 28. Be careful in your choice of words since your verbal ruling planet Mercury is conjunct the Sun and is also triggering dangerous Uranus and Pluto.

The Libra New Moon on September 27 falls right in the midst of the transformational period, which could trigger some risky behavior. Expressing your desires is probably healthier than repressing your restless emotions, but a dash of caution can protect you from going too far too fast.