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July 2012 Pisces Horoscope

Use your head

You feel a growing desire to express your feelings and deepen your emotional connections this month with the Sun shining brightly in your 5th House of Romance until July 22. Yet opening your heart without using your head is unlikely to produce the results you seek. Enterprising Mars enters diplomatic Libra and your 8th House of Intimacy on July 3, pointing out the importance of coolly assessing situations to avoid giving too much for what you get in return. Polite persistence in pursuing your interests is needed to keep relationships in balance.

This also pertains to your associations with friends and workmates on July 3, when the steadfast Capricorn Full Moon illuminates your 11th House of Groups. A lunar conjunction with powerful Pluto and square to unstable Uranus can shake up the rules, leaving you unclear about your status with others. However, this unpredictability factor also excites you with a fresh perspective that frees you from the limits of your old alliances.

Communicator Mercury's retrograde turn in your 6th House of Employment on July 14 initiates a three-week period that's excellent for reviewing how you work with others and reassessing your skills and techniques to make improvements where you can. The cuddly Cancer New Moon on July 19 plants seeds of creativity and playfulness in your expressive 5th House of Love and Creativity.

However, a stressful square to this Sun-Moon conjunction from stingy Saturn can frustrate you with delays or disapproval. Don't duck the challenges you're facing; your commitment to overcoming obstacles and your consistent effort is what matters. The Sun moves into bold Leo and your 6th House of Employment on July 22, dramatizing work-related issues and enlivening your daily routine. Your newfound confidence enables you to overcome a lack of recognition by being more assertive and standing up to pushy people.

Keep in Mind this Month
Even if complex issues are very clear to you, it may prove difficult to explain them to others. Give yourself time to think through your concerns before discussing them with anyone else.

Key Dates for Pisces

July 13: Great Expectations
Revolutionary Uranus turns retrograde in your 2nd House of Income, delaying radical financial moves that need more time for review. Nevertheless, holding your ground may not be very interesting with the Sun's semisquare to auspicious Jupiter. Your desire to take personal risks can provoke a bold move toward pleasure. Enjoying the moment makes sense as long as you don't make promises you can't keep.

July 17-18: Reckless Abandon
You're feeling unbridled enthusiasm or uncontrollable restlessness, fueled by a high-octane trine between loud Jupiter and hyper Mars on July 17. You're tempted to go to extremes when a Mars-Pluto square increases the intensity. If you can focus the powerful forces you're feeling, almost nothing can stop you. It is possible, though, to waste that passion on a battle with an unsupportive ally. Yet the real issue is your fluctuation between boundless faith and bottomless fear with a Jupiter-Pluto quincunx on the July 18. This aspect returns on December 20 and March 29, 2013, giving you additional opportunities to find harmony with this unlikely couple. Still, an explosive Mars-Uranus opposition in the financial and self-worth houses of your chart can confront you with an irrational individual or cause you to erupt if you're fed up with a stagnant situation.