Libra Monthly Horoscope: April 2019

A new start is likely in your relationship, but it might lead to some family drama. The New Moon on April 5 will land right in your partnership sector, suggesting a major initiative is likely between you and your mate, or that you'll be ready to start a new relationship.

Since this lunation is rubbing against Saturn and Pluto in your family sector, however, there is a problem. It looks as if someone in your clan doesn't approve of your union or has decided to make trouble. Maybe it's a child that one of you has from a previous marriage, or perhaps it's a disapproving parent. Whatever the case, you won't have an easy time of it. Fortunately, by April 20 Venus will move into your partnership sector, assuring that love will prevail.

A Full Moon in your sign on April 19 will add to the emotionality of April for you. You might be tired of giving every part of you to everyone else. Is it time to put your own oxygen mask on? Definitely.

Libra's key themes for April: relationship, family drama, children, meddling, sensitive, self-preserving, emotional, boundaries