Images from the classic Rider Waite Tarot represent The Lovers and The Devil birth cards.

Tarot Birth Card Meanings: The Lovers and The Devil

Your path is all about freedom and individuality

By Staff

Your Tarot birth cards are special guides meant to help you find your way. Based on your birth date, these cards carry messages of encouragement and reminders to help you stay on track.

The Lovers and The Devil are united by themes of freedom and individuality, so if you have this pair in your Tarot birth card lineup, you have a special opportunity to explore these themes and make them your own.

The Lovers Tarot CardThe Devil Tarot Card

Choice, Desire, Liberation
Gifts: Confidence, Improvement, Self-reliance
Challenges: Delusion, Overindulgence, Impulsivity
Advice: Take pride in your little quirks. Cultivate friendships with truth-tellers. Wait 24 hours before making any big decisions.

Interpreting The Lovers (#6) and The Devil (#15) Birth Cards

On the surface, The Lovers card represents relationships and romance. Many of the most well-known Tarot decks use the biblical figures of Adam and Eve to demonstrate this card’s meaning, bringing to mind an archetypal version of the very first marriage.

At a more fundamental level, though, The Lovers is a card about choice. In the sequence of the Tarot, it’s the first instance of rejecting external leaders and deciding instead to make your own decisions. This is really the card of becoming your own person! There’s a sense of freedom here, reminiscent of learning to drive or leaving home for the first time.

The Devil card turns that sense of freedom on its head. Again, we have these Adam and Eve figures, but instead of standing in a beautiful paradise with an angel overhead, they’re trapped in a dark dungeon and held in chains by a demon. They’ve also sprouted horns of their own, suggesting that their new environment is profoundly changing them. The Devil card comes with some negative connotations, for obvious reasons, but just like every Tarot card, it has a beautiful side too! The Devil asks us to befriend what scares us, learn from our destructive impulses, and fight for a lasting, inner freedom.

Together, The Lovers and The Devil Tarot birth cards inspire you to learn the true meaning of liberation and savor it fully.

The gifts of The Lovers and The Devil

Each set of Tarot birth cards suggests certain talents and natural abilities. Here are a few associated with The Lovers and The Devil:

1. Confidence

Having The Lovers on your side means you can walk through the world with a lot of faith in your own abilities. You’ve learned plenty from others, but you also trust yourself to make good choices based on gut instinct. Can your confidence get you into sticky situations sometimes? Sure, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Entering every room knowing you deserve to be there will get you far.

2. Improvement

The Lovers and The Devil both deal with questions of freedom, but they do so in very different ways. With The Lovers, you have freedom as a natural byproduct of growing up. With The Devil, you see that freedom is not inevitable – it can be lost, but it can also be regained. The progression from one card to the other indicates an ability to mature and a desire to learn and improve over time.

3. Self-reliance

You’re not one to ask for help unless it’s absolutely necessary. Figuring out how to fix your own problems gives you an enormous sense of pride. This all goes back to the value you place on freedom – you don’t want to feel like you owe anything to anybody. As long as you don’t take this tendency to an unhealthy extreme, it’s okay (and even inspiring!) to be your own hero most of the time.

The challenges of The Lovers and The Devil

Alongside the gifts, your Tarot birth cards can indicate some particular obstacles. Here’s what to look out for as you get to know The Lovers and The Devil:

1. Delusion

Under the influence of The Devil card, it’s easy to get a little confused about what’s reality and what’s just perception. You might accidentally talk yourself into believing a certain job, relationship, or project is the ticket to happiness, when it’s actually not that simple. It could be wise to check in with more grounded friends to talk some sense and help you keep your ideas in check.

2. Overindulgence

Both The Lovers and The Devil are associated with sensual pleasures and delights. Their influence could indicate a vulnerability to unhealthy habits. Remember that everything in moderation is better than anything in excess.

3. Impulsivity

When you’re borderline-obsessed with freedom, it can be easy to take things a little too far! You may find yourself in situations where you spontaneously decide to do something, not because it truly excites you, but just because you can. Within reason, this can be a great quality – it’s wonderful to stay open and surprise yourself. The trick is to figure out which opportunities add to your life and which distract you from what you really want.

How to work with The Lovers and The Devil

1. Take pride in your little quirks.

These Tarot birth cards really emphasize the importance of being yourself. It can be tempting to stifle your uniqueness at times, especially when you’re young or find yourself in an unfamiliar environment. We all want to fit in, right? Your best bet is to follow what lights you up, even if it might make you weird or boring in some people’s eyes! By embracing your uniqueness, you’ll find the people who genuinely understand and appreciate you.

2. Cultivate friendships with truth-tellers.

The Lovers and The Devil have abundant strengths, but these cards can also indicate a talent for getting lost or carried away in certain situations. It will be important for you to find people who can tell it like it is. Turn to them when you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed.

3. Wait 24 hours (or longer!) before making any big decisions.

Check your impulsivity by slowing down! If you’re considering an expensive purchase, a relationship change, or a cross-country move, you’ll do yourself a favor by sleeping on it. Use that time to think about your priorities, values, and needs, then evaluate how well this opportunity supports those things.

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