Images from the Rider Waite Tarot represent The Magician, The Wheel, and The Sun birth cards.

Tarot Birth Card Meanings: The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun

Your path is all about cycles of personal evolution

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Your Tarot birth cards are special guides meant to help you find your way. Based on your birth date, these cards carry messages of encouragement and reminders to help you stay on track.

The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun are united by themes of progression and evolution, so if you have this trio in your Tarot birth card lineup, you have a special opportunity to explore these themes and make them your own.

The Magician Tarot CardThe Wheel of Fortune Tarot CardThe Sun Tarot Card

Divine channel, Impermanence, Joy
Gifts: Forgiveness, Non-attachment, Competence
Challenges: Overwhelm, Getting stuck in a rut, Fear of improvement
Advice: Look for the context. Question your ideas of success. Pause before giving advice.

Interpreting The Magician (#1), The Wheel of Fortune (#10), and The Sun (#19) Birth Cards

The Magician is considered the first mentor of the Tarot. This card teaches us what we’re capable of when we really apply ourselves. Many decks feature a lemniscate, or infinity loop, on The Magician card, representing a connection with repeating cycles and a sense of endless growth.

Continuing on that theme, The Wheel of Fortune brings to mind a constant turning. The Wheel spins and spins, and what’s up one day could be down the next! This unpredictability can be a source of stress, but despite the twists and turns, the center of the wheel can remain still, much like the eye of a hurricane. This symbolizes the way in which the self can remain constant despite outer chaos.

The Sun rounds out this collection of Tarot birth cards, and once again, cycles are in the spotlight. The Sun appears towards the end of the Major Arcana sequence, suggesting maturity, but most versions of this card actually feature a child. In the classic Universal Waite deck, the child is on horseback, looking gleeful while wearing a flower crown. This apparent contradiction between advanced age and youthfulness reminds us that wisdom and joy can be present in any stage of life.

Together, The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun Tarot birth cards guide you to navigate cycles of personal evolution.

The gifts of The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun

Each set of Tarot birth cards suggests certain talents and natural abilities. Here are a few associated with The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun:

1. Forgiveness

The cyclical nature of these cards makes it harder to sweat the small stuff. You know that we’re all on our own journeys, figuring out life as best we can, and that mistakes are inevitable in that process. This knowledge allows you to brush off minor annoyances or missteps, and even when you encounter a more serious error from someone in your life, you likely have a way of seeing their point of view, understanding their motivations, and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

2. Non-attachment

The Wheel of Fortune in particular is a reminder that all things are subject to change. Your relationship to this card allows you to see the impermanence of life circumstances in a way most people don’t. The principle of non-attachment has roots in several philosophical and spiritual traditions, and it promotes an ability to observe and experience events without assigning extra meaning to them. This approach helps you roll through the seasons of life with greater calm.

3. Competence

The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun each suggest a deep trust in one’s own talents and skills, and with all of their powers combined, you’re unstoppable! If these are your Tarot birth cards, you should be able to walk through the world confidently. There are always off days, of course, but in general, you believe you can do anything you set your mind to -- and you’re right.

The challenges of The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun

Alongside the gifts, your Tarot birth cards can indicate some particular obstacles. Here’s what to look out for as you get to know The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun:

1. Overwhelm

You might put too much pressure on yourself at times. This could be because you overcommit yourself, saying yes to new obligations when you really ought to say no. Even if you maintain firm boundaries, though, you might just have very high standards. If it ever feels like the sky is falling because you can’t keep up with all your responsibilities, it’s time to evaluate and give yourself a break.

2. Getting stuck in a rut

The Wheel might keep turning, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going anywhere! Much like a hamster in a cage, you might find yourself running and running without actually making any progress. That’s not always a problem, but if you ever start to feel frustrated about the monotony of daily life, or if you’re replaying the same toxic patterns over and over again, you can channel the manifestation powers of The Magician and the joyful exuberance of The Sun to make a change.

3. Fear of improvement

The Sun casts its light abundantly, helping us see with total clarity. You might notice an area of life that needs to change, like a habit or a relationship dynamic, and then be faced with the choice to actually change it or to just go on like nothing ever happened. Embracing the opportunity to improve can be scary! Shifting out of familiar patterns is no small thing, and with The Sun as one of your Tarot birth cards, you might feel compelled to do that more frequently than most people. Some level of anxiety around those shifts just comes with the territory.

How to work with The Magician, The Wheel of Fortune, and The Sun

1. Look for the context.

This trio of Tarot birth cards is all about cycles of change, and sometimes, change can seem like total chaos. Once you have the necessary context, though, things usually make a lot more sense. It will be helpful to study the history of any subject that interests you and stay up-to-date with current developments as well. That way, when the unexpected comes, you’ll at least have some frame of reference to help you understand it as part of a longer pattern.

2. Question your ideas of success.

Is success found in a corner office? A certain title? A number on a paycheck? A particular zip code or family situation? Your family or culture will most likely tell you to seek out success that reflects their value system, but you’re allowed to find happiness in other ways. The Magician card suggests a heightened ability to create many versions of success, so feel free to explore, experiment, and do things on your own timeline!

3. Pause before giving advice.

Your path is yours, not anyone else’s. The way you see things, while not totally unique to you, is rare, and therefore, your advice may not always feel relevant to the people in your life. Why is that? Most people only have two Tarot birth cards, but you have three! The energies influencing you are more complex by nature. Your words of wisdom can still be valuable, though – just take a second to consider the other person’s perspective, needs, and insecurities before getting on your soapbox.

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