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Soothing Sorrow in Your 12th House

Astrology's 12th house has healing powers
Maria DeSimone

It's impossible to count how many times I've been hysterically sobbing about a personal calamity right before a client session. It's almost comical. If you could only see the heaving, nose-running, tears-streaming-down-my-face hysteria! But guess what? Somehow, I manage to pull myself together. In fact, I usually end up providing the most healing session for clients when I'm under the most intense personal pressure. My 12th house kicks into high gear when I'm in a crisis situation.

One of the beautiful parts of the 12th house is that it is the place for healing the suffering of yourself and others. The 12th house heals quietly, though -- it prefers concealment. Having a planet placed in your 12th house suggests that you have a specific, very private type of pain to address in your lifetime. I have Venus there: love, values, money, talents, and self-worth. Darn you, agony! Or should I say ... thank you, agony?

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Pluto links encourage healing, too

Pluto, of course, is the planet of depth and transformation. This planet is the agent of regenerative healing because it is known as having the ability to kill off what is no longer needed in order to help the soul evolve. It's a lot like a snake that routinely sheds dead skin it no longer needs in order to make room for the shiny new coating that will suit its survival needs much better. The sloughing of the dead skin is absolutely necessary first.

Pluto is that part. The part that kills off what is dead or rips it away from you, forcing you to surrender to change. In general, people with strong Pluto aspects in their birth charts make incredible crisis workers because they are so personally acquainted with significant trauma in their own lives. Once the personal pain is transmuted, it can be used as a catalyst to help and heal others.

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Unconditional love soothes suffering

With Venus connected to Pluto, there is an ability to deeply love. Because I have Venus in the 12th house, there's an element of Neptune (the 12th house corresponds to Neptune) that translates into unconditional love. This opposition grants me with the potential to deeply and unconditionally love others and also to help ease their suffering.

Venus in the 12th house can have difficulty when it comes to love, however, because what is in your 12th house is often problematic to reveal to others in a straight-up kind of way. That's why Venus in the 12th house is often touted as a placement for unrequited love experiences or clandestine affairs. You might call your 12th house your blind spot. Yet, it's also where you have major spiritual gifts and compassion available to draw from.

And so it makes perfect sense to me. I will suffer privately (like everyone with 12th house planets or strong Neptune contacts -- Neptune rules the 12th house). But thanks to the opposition of Venus to Pluto in my 6th house, I have an outlet that, when properly channeled, allows me to heal others.

Not surprisingly, this is also how I heal myself.

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