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Your 10th House of Career and Reputation

The tenth house represents your reputation, achievements, and ambitions.

By Tarot.com Staff

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What is the 10th house in Astrology? The 10th house of the birth chart describes our roles in society. It represents our professional paths, our responsibilities, and our relationships to authority. This realm also speaks to reputation and what we strive to be known for in this lifetime and after we're gone. This is the house of legacy.

In a birth chart, the cusp of the 10th house is often called the Midheaven. This point symbolizes one’s life path and public image. We can read further into it by looking at the zodiac sign that's located here, as well as any planets in the 10th house.

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10th House Themes

  • Career
  • Social Status
  • Goals
  • Awards and Recognition
  • Public Image
  • Authority

10th House Meaning

Located at the top of our birth charts, the 10th house is the peak of the mountain. This is where the individualized purpose that is cultivated in the earlier houses is taken out into society so that we may leave our mark on the world.

The 10th house rules your professional ambitions. Unlike the routine jobs that belong in the territory of the 6th house, the 10th house illuminates the career you choose to define for yourself. It's a place of discipline, maturity, and slow growth. Within that lies your obligations and responsibilities. However, since many families and social structures have their own expectations around societal roles, sometimes your responsibilities are not aligned with your authentic self.

This brings us to authority. The 10th house refers to all authority figures, from government officials and bosses to parents and family conditioning. However, this is also the point on your path where you can learn mastery over your individual truth and become your own authority. Your unique power is now taken out into the world. Whether you choose to use it to help others or for personal gain is very much a 10th house matter.

Reputation, reputation, reputation! The 10th house rules your public image. While the 1st house represents how others see you at first glance, the 10th describes what you’re really known for. It reminds you of the impact you have on everyone around you. In this way, it shows your capacity for respect and recognition. The sign in this house greatly affects how this shows up for you. For example, with Libra here, you may be so preoccupied with what others think that you lose sight of your own values.

Learning more about your 10th house can help you find the right path, build a solid reputation, and align with your life's purpose.

Planets in the 10th House

If you have any planets in the 10th house, they likely want to keep you in check. These planets will affect your reputation, career, and integrity.

Here’s a tour of planets you might find in your 10th house and how they can influence this area of your life. Not sure which planets are in your 10th house? Find out for FREE now with our Essential Birth Report »Find out now with our Essential Birth Report »

Sun Symbol

Sun: Who put you in charge? It was probably you! You’re driven, responsible, and eager to be recognized for your successes. Good luck meeting the high standards you set for yourself.

Moon Symbol

Moon: While you may have a cold exterior, you love providing warmth for the ones you love. However, your tendency to show that you have it all together can freeze your emotions at times.

Mercury Symbol

Mercury: Your charisma makes others notice you. In fact, it’s possible for you to be known by others for your ideas and words. Just use them responsibly.

Venus Symbol

Venus: With your attractive air, it’s probably not hard to get what you want out in the world. But be careful not to get too caught up in trying to be who others want you to be.

Mars Symbol

Mars: No one’s the boss of you! You’re ambitious, goal-oriented, and possibly even a little competitive. If there’s a mountain you want to climb, you’ll make sure it’s got your name on it.

Jupiter Symbol

Jupiter: You’re like a magnet for success, probably because others admire your generosity and integrity. When you believe in yourself, you can make anything happen.

Saturn Symbol

Saturn: You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. We all know you like a challenge, but working too hard and taking yourself too seriously will only lead to your own demise.

Uranus Symbol

Uranus: If your career puts you in a box, you’re probably just going to rip it open. Self-employment could be a really good path for you – it will keep you from having to rebel against any rigid bosses.

Neptune Symbol

Neptune: The mountain you choose to climb may be in the clouds. Difficulty taking responsibility for your life and setting unrealistic goals can leave you wandering many paths.

Pluto Symbol

Pluto: Your soul has found security by aligning your identity with a social function. You’re being called to transcend this limited sense of self and rediscover your own inner needs.

Chiron Symbol

Chiron: Your sense of self-worth may be dependent on recognition from others. Drop all the burdens you carry and don’t get weighed down by someone else’s expectations of you.

North Node Symbol

North Node: Enough of that codependence! Stand on your own two feet and take your purpose out into the world. We’ll all be better for it.

South Node Symbol

South Node: It’s time to quit defining yourself by your accomplishments or what you do for a living. Crack your hard shell open and let the softness within you be enough.

Transits in the 10th House

Planets that move through the 10th house of your birth chart will highlight your professional and public life in the here and now. Exactly what transpires depends on which planet is transiting, as well as the way it's interacting with the rest of the chart.

When Venus transits the 10th house, for example, you might be blessed with an attractive charm that could help you gain a promotion or advance toward a professional goal. When Saturn crosses through the 10th house, it could bring more responsibility into your life, perhaps marking a transition into owning a business or becoming a parent. It's useful to keep an eye on any transits here so that you can plan for opportunities to progress on your life path.

Moving on from the 10th house, we turn our focus to questions of community and our dearest hopes. It’s time to learn more about the 11th house!

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