The Royal Baby

The Royal Baby Has Arrived

Exploring the Astrology of England's future king

By Maria DeSimone

Its official, Kate Middleton and Prince William have welcomed their newborn Prince George Alexander Louis into the world -- a healthy boy weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces, and his horoscope is firmly written in the stars. What follows is a brief overview explaining the latest member of the royal family's potential, as explained by his Astrology. But first, explore your own astrological workings with our free Cosmic Profile.

This royal cusper caused some confusion as many astrologers thought he may be a Leo! But it turns out Wills and Kate's boy was born when the Sun was in the final degree and minute of the sign Cancer. This 29th degree in Astrology is known as a critical degree and does suggest that this little prince will have a certain amount of karmic responsibility in the domestic arena ... no surprise there! Obviously this child was born with significant history and big shoes to fill. Based on the degree of his Sun sign he will surely take his role seriously.

A Full Moon, baby!

At the time of Prince George's birth, the Moon was also in the final degrees of Capricorn, right before a Full Moon in Aquarius. For all intents and purposes, the prince is a Full Moon baby which adds to the "fulfillment" role he will have in terms of domestic responsibility. How interesting that his mother was born with the very same opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn! Furthermore, there's a remarkable array of four planets is in the sign Cancer at the time of his birth -- and all of them are placed in the 8th House of Deep Transformation. With lucky Jupiter, assertive Mars, and intellectual Mercury posited in this sensitive water sign (along with the Sun), we can be sure that the new prince will have an intuitive and extremely intense mind and character. His memory will be strong and his gut instinct a force to be reckoned with. He will crave privacy and security which may prove troublesome for someone destined to be in the public eye.

Like mother, like son

Another extraordinary link in his chart has to do with the shift of Venus into Virgo on the day he was born. This suggests a soul who will be extremely service oriented and humble. Since Venus is opposite Neptune, he'll have a vivid imagination and will be prone to idealism. He'll certainly be someone with great faith! Another fascinating tidbit about the degree of his Venus is that it falls on the fixed star Regulus which is a royal star in Astrology. Many royal figures have planets or angles prominently placed at the 29th degree of Leo or first degree of Virgo. This star literally means "Little King" and will endow the native with a will to reign. He may run into some confusion about how to express his power since Venus does oppose Neptune in the communication axis (3rd House of Communication and 9th House of Big Ideas). However with Venus at a gorgeous angle to Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, he will surely have his heart in the right place.

The Moon in his chart makes a loose, out of sign square to Saturn which will deepen his emotions even more, amplifying the effects of a sober Capricorn Moon.  The authoritative influence in his life may feel overwhelming at times, yet this will also be the catalyst that leads him towards great success. Still, someone with four planets in sensitive Cancer in the deeply emotional 8th house may struggle with this Capricorn Moon square Saturn which demands a stiff upper lip.

A chart fit for a king

Another notable feature of Prince George's horoscope is the fact that his Mercury placement is at the degree at which it turned direct only two days ago. This is a strong indicator that his mind will be especially clever and sensitive, although with a square to Uranus he may be prone to excitable communication when his emotions are triggered. His Mercury placement is near the fixed Star Sirius (14 degrees Cancer) which tends to bestow one with riches and fame. No surprise there.

Overall, the little prince has a chart of gold. Jupiter applies to an opposition to Pluto endowing him with tremendous power potential so this young man will be much more than a "poster boy" for royalty. Thankfully, the rest of his chart suggests he will use his clout for good.

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