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The 10th House in Your Birth Chart

Cracking the code of how far you'll ascend ... or descend.
Maria DeSimone

What's your calling in life? What is it about you that's most visible to the world? What, about your horoscope, determines whether or not you will experience a significant level of worldly success or catastrophic failure? Perhaps most important, what will you make of your life? To answer these questions and many more related to life purpose, we need to look at the 10th house of the horoscope.

Also known as the Midheaven (Latin for "upper heavens"), the 10th house is most commonly associated with ones status in life. Your career and success potential, along with your capacity for reward, honors, respect, and recognition are all found here. When your status in life changes either professionally or through a marriage, divorce, or becoming a parent, that change in status will show through transits or progressions to your Midheaven. Want to know if you've got potential to be famous ... or infamous? Look to your 10th house for answers.

The 10th house reveals qualities that you crave respect for. A proper assessment of the sign on your Midheaven, where your Midheaven ruler is placed, as well as any planets in your 10th house, will tell the story of the name you want to make for yourself and how you'll go about achieving that stature.

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Such great heights, such low lows

As one of the all-important angles in a birth chart, the 10th house cusp is the most elevated. This is where the Sun will reach each and every day at noon -- in all its magnificence, shining brightly. The Sun is at peak height and strength when at the Midheaven. Not surprisingly, the Midheaven in your chart symbolizes how high your reach may be in this lifetime ... or how hard the fall could be.

Remember something about the 10th house: it not only shows qualities you can most easily use to help you achieve success. It also shows what other people's perception of you will likely be -- for better or worse. This is your reputation. Being reputable versus reputed are two wildly different things however both possibilities live in your 10th house. Either way, your 10th house suggests what you will be known for in your lifetime.

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Your personal recipe for success

Do you have Neptune near your 10th house cusp, or in your 10th house? You may be known as someone who goes through life in a daze of confusion. Unreliable ... without a plan. Even someone who leans towards unhealthy escapist patterns such as drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, you might be the next big movie star and end up famous for your ability to morph into the characters you play on the big screen.

Of course, these are generalities but whatever planet is closest to your Midheaven will significantly influence your career path and reputation. The sign on the cusp of your 10th house symbolizes qualities that will color your professional life and status in this world -- both the positive and shadow expression. With Aries on your 10th house cusp for example, you might be a trailblazer; independent and pioneering in terms of your professional ambitions. You may also be perceived by others as competitive, pushy, or even selfish as you reach for your goals.

Astrology teaches us that the goal in becoming aware of your natal tendencies is to then learn how to utilize their most positive potential. So with Aries on the Midheaven will you be the angry boss who flies into fits of rage when things aren't done your way? Or will you instead be the dynamic leader everyone gets excited to work with? Your call. Your Astrology.

The 10th house also puts us into contact with the authority figures in our lives -- most notably the very first one -- usually the father. Occasionally however, the 10th house can represent the mother since it is the child's perception of who the authority parent was that may ultimately determine who the 10th house represents. Opposite that is the 4th house, the area of home and family. The most nurturing parent -- usually the mother -- will be found here.

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Toeing the line or blazing a trail?

Back to the 10th house however, this early connection to authority bleeds out into your adult life as you strive to become your own authority figure. Saturn in your 10th house? Perhaps you learned from your father (or authority parent) that you must uphold traditions and that there are certain expectations of you career wise. You might even be in the "family business." Whether or not this makes you happy will depend on what aspects Saturn makes to the rest of your chart. The point is that your authority parent shaped your professional path as well as your success potential. With Saturn in your 10th house you'll want to be respected and your reputation would be quite important to you. Is Uranus in your 10th house? Then what others think of you may not be as important as going your own way in career is.

The 10th house puts you in touch with every single boss in your life, whether it's a parent, an authority figure at work, or someone else you need to answer to. Eventually however, the 10th house will teach you how to take charge of your vocation. We all have a legacy to leave. For some it'll be in history books for years to come while for others, it'll be a quiet force that changes the lives of only those closest to our hearts. Either way, it's a calling ... and it's yours. Discover it. Own it. Become the one truly in charge of your destiny. This is the ultimate goal of the 10th house.

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