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The Approach of Spring

19: The Approach of Spring

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21: Cutting Through

20: Overview

Overview calls for composure and contemplation. As a result of deep introspection, an invisible energy emanates from us, influencing others without their being aware of it. Do not underestimate the power of this force. Like the wind blowing across the treetops, its presence is perceived through the effect it has on everything it touches.

Shallow wells rarely strike water, and shallow minds often come up empty. The ability to keep still and deeply observe strengthens resolve and attracts good fortune. Discern the difference between what is deep and what is shallow within yourself, and you will be able to distinguish between the two in the outer world as well.

During a period between events, the practice of stillness with awareness is beneficial. By mindfully observing the true nature of things—by apprehending the rhythms and cycles that guide all creation—we can discover and explore the natural laws that rule our lives. Examine yourself and your situation, not just with the thought of discovering truth but also with the idea of focusing your personal power. This is the time to see and be seen.

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