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Grace and Beauty

22: Grace and Beauty

About I Ching Hexagrams Returning

24: Returning

23: Splitting Apart

Things are not the way they seem. Reality appears to be a hall of mirrors. Intrigues are multiplying like summer flies. There are rumors of discontent. It is the time of illusion, disintegration, distrust and deception.

When you find yourself trapped in a hall of mirrors, it becomes necessary to retrace your steps. Return now to the familiar; take solace in what is firm and secure. There is no blame in holding back; indeed, it is your responsibility to keep your strength intact for a period of revival, which follows the period of disintegration as surely as dawn follows the night.

Discretion is the better part of valor -- and good timing is critical. Learn to choose the proper moments for action, thereby avoiding futile effort. Pay close attention to changes that signal a time to retreat.

In the realm of personal relations, discovering illusion can be painful and confusing. During such a period as this, it is wise to avoid undertaking bold new moves. It is especially important not to jump to conclusions when you sense that nothing is quite what it seems.

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