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25: Innocence

About I Ching Hexagrams Nourishment

27: Nourishment

26: Containment of Potential

This points to the command and control of great power—a power that increases as it is wisely stewarded. Like a river that has been dammed or a pot of boiling water with a lid clamped on, holding and containing power produces enormous potential. During normal times, daily ritual and habit keep life ordered and serene; but in times of exceptional opportunity, the force of a powerful personality is required. Focused attention is required to channel this potential and achieve supreme success.

You have considerable reserves of energy and support to draw upon. This is an excellent time to nurture creativity by collecting and organizing your best ideas and plans. Now, even large and difficult undertakings can be successful.

A hidden source of power for those who wish to do noble deeds is the study of the past. The lives of wise and successful men and women are like treasures buried in the earth. Good fortune comes to those who unearth such valuable treasures by applying the lessons of the ages to their current situation.

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