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Repairing Some Damage

18: Repairing Some Damage

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20: Overview

19: The Approach of Spring

Spring is coming. Good times seem inevitable, and there is vitality in the air. This is a most auspicious time. Like a snake emerging from hibernation, negative forces are only beginning to stir and can be effectively controlled. This is a time of hopeful progress and must be used to one’s best advantage. When approaching good fortune, conscientious work pays great dividends. A clear road lies ahead. In the spring, seeds that have been lying dormant are ready to bloom.

Act now, for at some point, this ripe opportunity for advancement will be challenged. No spring lasts forever; it’s wise to stay alert and note the changing signs of the times. In doing so, preparing for less fertile times is a noble and fruitful effort. Make the most of the season now.

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