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14: Affluence

About I Ching HexagramsEnthusiasm

16: Enthusiasm

15: Humility

Humility is rewarded in human affairs. It is the way of the universe to fill the empty cup and to empty the full cup, just as valleys are ultimately filled by the erosion of great mountains. Regardless of your position in human society, humility is a deceptively powerful attribute that is often overlooked. If you are in a high position but remain humble, people will be drawn to you and causes that you espouse. If your position is lowly, humility will endear you to those of higher status. True humility is a virtue that benefits all and to which all should aspire.

The most successful people are those who know how to bring situations into balance by reducing those who are too inflated and adding to those who are too minimized. Such a person strives for balanced and stable relationships, not power over others. Humility is the virtue that allows you to perceive the balancing potential in every situation. Humble people are not prey to the illusions that spring from self-importance. If humility is difficult for you, make a conscious effort to develop a bit of self-effacing humor.

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