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13: Fellowship

About I Ching HexagramsHumility

15: Humility

14: Affluence

Supreme success! Like the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a person whose fortunes have turned for the better shines brightly now. At the core of true success lies unselfishness generosity and modesty. It is the tendency of a flexible or yielding nature to draw powerful forces to it, especially when prosperity begins to manifest. When this added power is wielded with grace and dignity, we have supreme success and great abundance!

Ah, but be careful. Along with any accumulation of wealth or influence can come an increase of pride and arrogance. Fight this tendency if you want your good fortune to continue. Stay attentive enough to manage your affairs well. And remember that while prosperity beats the alternative, it is only one element of a satisfying life. A lasting prosperity is one that honors the highest values and furthers the collective good.

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