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Romance may come easily in 2022, thanks to the dreamy conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune on April 12. Maintaining contact with reality, however, might be harder. While Jupiter and Neptune make a conjunction roughly every 12 and a half years, what makes this time more exceptional is that it happens in the sign of Pisces, which Jupiter and Neptune both rule. Jupiter likes room to expand, and Neptune tends to dissolve structures. In oceanic Pisces, these two planets can go absolutely wild together.

At their best, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces could help us see possibilities beyond the limits we have made for ourselves. In love, we might find sublime connections that transcend our usual mundane existence. However, at their worst, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces may trample boundaries that people have for valid reasons. In our relationships, manipulative puppy dog eyes might try to push us into things that are not really good for us.

This dynamic may ease when Jupiter moves into Aries from May 10 to October 28 and again on December 20. While Pisces can be indecisive, fiery Aries takes action in a hurry. A budding relationship that flourishes under the plausible deniability of Jupiter in Pisces may therefore be pushed to define itself when Jupiter moves into Aries this year.

A much-needed balance to Jupiter's unrestricted Water (Jupiter) and impulsive Fire (Aries) energies will come from intellectual Mercury spending extra time in thoughtful Air signs and practical Earth signs in 2022. This is because Mercury will retrograde four times this year: January 14 to February 3, May 10 to June 3, September 9 to October 2, and December 29 into 2023.

Reveal ALL the major love energy headed your way in 2022 with personalized love predictions »Reveal ALL the major love energy headed your way in 2022 with personalized love predictions »

Adding to this is love planet Venus beginning 2022 already retrograde in the serious sign of Capricorn. Until January 29, relationship structures that are too rigid to let love in could come up for review at this time.

Energetic Mars then turns retrograde in social Gemini on October 30 and continues its retrograde into 2023. We may need to be careful that we do not neglect our partners amidst heavy socializing or make promises we can't keep.

Meanwhile, 2022's eclipses take place in the sensual signs of Taurus and Scorpio. The Solar Eclipses will land on April 30 (Taurus) and October 25 (Scorpio), and the Lunar Eclipses will land on May 16 (Scorpio) and November 8 (Taurus). During these eclipses, we may be drawn to the material security that stable relationships can provide, but fears of losing ourselves or getting hurt could inhibit us from emotionally emerging with another, even if it would be good for us.

The fall eclipses will be especially tangled with the remains of 2021's square between structure-focused Saturn and individualistic Uranus. As a result, any unresolved issues from 2021 about whether to stay or go in relationships could come up for review during this time.

Reveal ALL the major love energy headed your way in 2022 with personalized love predictions »Reveal ALL the major love energy headed your way in 2022 with personalized love predictions »

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