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Your 2024 Gemini Horoscope: A Year to Build Relationships

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You have an opportunity to be a star this year, Gemini. When favorable Jupiter moves into your sign, you’re likely to get noticed more than usual. However, your supporting actors could make or break your success, so you’ll have to be thoughtful about who you spend your time with.

Pluto’s here to make you think critically about relationship drama

Key Dates: January 20, September 1, November 19

As manipulative Pluto winds down its long stay in your 8th House of Deep Sharing, you may be exhausted by the entangled relationships you’ve found yourself in over the past several years. Pluto is residing in your philosophical 9th house for most of the year, from January 20 to September 1, so examining your underlying beliefs could give you insight into your end of the dynamic. Perhaps you’re expecting people to give you things they’re not equipped to deliver. You get a last chance to work out boundaries with others from September 1 to November 19, and then the focus shifts to your own ideas after that.

Pick your team at the Total Solar Eclipse

Key Date: April 8

At the Total Solar Eclipse in your 11th House of Community on April 8, you may learn the truth about a group or association that you belong to. Whether or not you’re pleased with what comes out, try not to blame the messenger for stirring up drama -- the facts were already there, even if you weren’t personally aware of them yet. Now it’s on you to decide what you’re going to do with the information. Under this influence, you could begin or end a significant commitment. Either way, you’ll have to take personal responsibility for your choice instead of following the herd.

As Spring winds down, opportunities abound with Venus in Gemini

Key Dates: May 23-June 17

Romantic Venus is in your sign from May 23 to June 17 this year, giving you a chance to reboot your love life. Abundant Jupiter will also be in your sign for most of this time, compounding the positive effects. However, when Venus clashes against inhibiting Saturn on June 8, you might need to acknowledge that you can’t be in two places at once. Your usual optimism could stretch too far as Venus goads deceptive Neptune on June 16, so be cautious about throwing yourself into a relationship that seems too good to be true.

Jupiter in your sign supports you in speaking your truth

Key Dates: May 25, June 2, August 19, December 24

Fortunate Jupiter enters your sign on May 25 and remains there for the rest of the year. During this time, people are likely to resonate with your way of doing things and understand your side of the story. When this lucky planet harmonizes with profound Pluto on June 2, you could be an especially articulate spokesperson for your beliefs. However, knowing your limits will be necessary while Jupiter clashes against restrictive Saturn in your 10th House of Authority on August 19 and December 24. Sometimes there are valid reasons why you must defer to the leadership of others!

Nurture your relationships during Mercury Retrogrades

Key Dates: April 1-25, August 5-28, November 25-December 15

This year’s Mercury Retrograde periods may test your connections with others. While Mercury moves retrograde in your 11th House of Friendships from April 1 to 25, reuniting with an old friend might be worth the trouble. The next Mercury Retrograde, from August 5 to 28, affects your 4th House of Family and 3rd House of Communication -- attempting a power play with relatives isn’t likely to work in your favor. Finally, Mercury is retrograde in your 7th House of Committed Relationships from November 25 to December 15, pushing you to dig deeper than usual when you’re one-on-one.

To resolve the relationship challenges you’ll likely face in 2024, you may need to say no to some people, which might feel like an affront to the creative problem-solving skills you take pride in. Look at it this way: when you say yes to yourself, you’re better positioned to solve the problems that truly matter.

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