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Leo 2014 Horoscopes

Turn losses into gains

If you feel like you've been stuck on the sidelines while the world of opportunities pass you by, this is going to change in a big way this year. The reason is that lucky Jupiter has been in your 12th House of Obscurity since late June 2013, which can make it more difficult to gain the recognition you deserve. Still, this transit is wonderful for spiritual enlightenment and inner growth that comes from gaining more perspective about yourself.

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This pattern continues until July 16 this year, rewarding you when you're spending time alone or with one undemanding individual. Then Jupiter blasts into your enthusiastic sign to promote confidence that enables you to garner plenty of attention.

A rocky road ahead

There are potential bumps in the road when Jupiter opposes Pluto on January 31 and April 20. Power struggles and fears of loss, possibly work-related, are undesirable expressions of these powerful transits. The upsides, though, include a greater awareness of your long-term needs and ambitions, especially related to your career.

With purging Pluto, the lessons are almost always about learning where to let go instead of holding on to goals, people and activities that have lost their value. On April 20, Jupiter will also form a strong square with electrifying Uranus in your 9th House of Beliefs, suddenly opening your mind like the Sun burning off clouds to reveal open skies of vision, hope and opportunity.

Facing tough domestic issues

Family matters continue to be complex as severe Saturn spends its second full year in your domestic 4th House of Home and Family Life. This transit began in October 2012 and it appears to come to an end in late December this year. No-nonsense Saturn is in emotionally intense Scorpio, making it hard to avoid facing tough issues at home. It's natural to try and shove shame-inducing issues under the rug, but facing previous fears and failures is the best way to free yourself from any limits they impose.

There's little lightweight about Saturn in Scorpio, so its presence in this very personal part of your chart can take you to the depths of yourself, where -- happily -- you can uncover core desires and become fueled with passion to fulfill them. This pattern can help you turn losses into gains by sifting through the debris of old wounds to find valuable personal resources that will motivate you toward higher achievement.

Group love

Cooperation and compromise are keys to maintaining harmonious relationships while normally aggressive Mars is retrograde in Libra and your communicative 3rd House of Information. This occurs from March 1 to May 14, and it can rattle partnerships unless you act diplomatically. Carefully listening to what others say is as important as making yourself clear.

You may need to alter your agreements to match the current situation, but that's going to be more productive than being stubborn and sticking to a plan that's not working. Backing out of a situation or coordinating with another person to come up with a new and different approach will produce better results and waste less time and energy than acting with persistence and blind faith. Discussing issues patiently and gathering more information is not a distraction, because ironing out misunderstandings and getting details correct can make the difference between success and failure.

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