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Cancer 2014 Horoscopes

Careful planning pays off

The good news of expansive Jupiter's transit of your sign continues until July 16 this year. Opportunities increase as you grow in self-understanding and self-confidence with this giant planet in your 1st House of Personality. Raising expectations in your personal life makes sense, as long as you don't allow them to stretch beyond reason. Gains work best and last longest when you slowly assimilate new experiences instead of hurrying ahead to the next big goal.

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Jupiter's shift into bold Leo and your 2nd House of Self-Worth in mid-July puts an emphasis on income and personal resources. This begins a year-long period when investing more in yourself will be a very good idea. Dramatic Leo is meant to help you tap into your courage and creativity, and taking chances to earn more money and prestige. Spending on additional training and tools is highly recommended. Instead of settling for a limited amount of love and income, this Jupiter transit is a time to think big.

Slow but steady

On the other hand, serious Saturn spends its second full year in your 5th House of Self-Expression in 2014. Controlled growth and carefully planned performances will pay dividends. Scorpio is highly aware of what's missing in our lives, so noticing what you're hungry for is a great way to use its intense energy.

Desire is meant to be an engine for getting you more attention and making romance more exciting. You will probably need to take the lead in personal matters instead of letting others run the show and reacting to what they want. But this isn't about being brassy or showy, because producing positive results is more valuable trying to maintain appearances.

Cutting out people and activities that cost you more than you get back in return is an appropriate use of disciplined Saturn in surgical Scorpio. Sometimes what you need most is not obvious, so look more deeply into your soul to shine a light in its darkest places. That's where you'll find the unmet needs that may be complicated to address but are well worth the effort.

Extremely emotional times

Late January and mid-April may be critical periods for you this year, times when extreme emotions and challenges could arise to rock your world. Yet these are also periods when you can make major breakthroughs, especially regarding resources. That's because Jupiter opposes potent Pluto during both of these times, which tends to push emotions and circumstances to their limits. Fear of loss and even encountering economic and relationship threats are possible risks.

However, sometimes we must go further than is comfortable to uncover the truth. Letting go of old images of yourself and investigating others more thoroughly can show you where barriers lie and where untapped resources can make your life much more fulfilling. If you're uncomfortable with some people, don't shy away from facing those feelings but do something about them.

These powerful transits are the kind that can rock your world, which might be scary, but will still leave you in a better place if you're willing to stretch yourself emotionally. Healing often begins by bringing symptoms to the surface, which initially makes things look worse than before. Yet being willing to face uncomfortable truths is a strong first step toward empowerment that makes this hard work worth the effort.

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