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Scorpio 2014 Horoscopes

Face your fears

This is the second full year with structuring Saturn in your sign, which is a good reason to take yourself seriously. This transit began in late 2012, and it is challenging you to strengthen your sense of purpose. Saturn often puts up walls so that its presence in your sign can be a testing time, yet it's meant to help you define your priorities and eliminate wasteful activities in order to achieve them.

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Patience is a must, as preparation, training and discipline may be needed to climb your mountain of ambition. It's important to be kind to yourself, though, because the accountability Saturn demands usually brings flaws to the surface and increases self-doubt. Facing fears and previous failures is not meant to be punishment -- it's meant as instruction, so don't indulge yourself in guilt and regret.

Things are looking up

The strong emotions of your sign can sometimes threaten to drown you with worry, but you're getting help from optimistic Jupiter during the first half of the year. This expansive and visionary planet is in sister Water sign Cancer until July 16, providing hope and compassion to make your journey more comfortable.

This transit occurs in your 9th House of Travel and Higher Mind, rewarding you for connecting with distant cultures and broadening your education. Wise Jupiter in sensitive Cancer also reminds you to trust your instincts, even when they seem to be contrary to facts. The truths you're seeking lie within you, so don't follow someone's lead if their plan doesn't feel right.

A double dose of energy

There are two eclipses in 2014 that are connected to relationships and your self-image. On April 28, a Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs in your 7th House of Partners to dislodge a stubborn person or shake up a rigid attitude. You might feel that your options, whether you're single or with someone, are either to make an instantaneous change or shut up and settle for what you've got.

Neither of these is ideal, however, because change is desirable when it comes slowly. Re-evaluating what you're getting in personal and professional alliances is likely to spur revelations that lead you to alter the arrangement. In any case, it's better to take it upon yourself to be proactive than to let others take the lead.

Another Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23, this one in Scorpio and your 1st House of Personality. While changes in appearance, attitude and physical vitality are possible, this is a very benign eclipse, one that's more likely to bring you pleasure than pain.

Warm and cuddly relationships

That's because sweet Venus joins the Sun and Moon while forgiving and faithful Neptune form positive trines to the eclipse point. Romantic and creative inspiration increase as you forgive yourself for whatever's occurred in the past and allow yourself to enjoy all the delights of the present.

Charm, grace and imagination make you a more desirable companion, particularly when you take time to appreciate yourself. If you're not content with what you've accomplished with your life, this is an excellent opportunity to start all over. But the pressure and persistence of Saturn in Scorpio need to be leavened with a lighter spirit that reminds you to make joy a priority.

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