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Mutual Attraction

31: Mutual Attraction

About I Ching Hexagrams Retreat

33: Retreat

32: Endurance

Endurance is cultivated when determination is coupled with flexibility. Long-distance runners must adapt to changing conditions while maintaining a strong sense of purpose. Two trees growing near each other bend and adapt to enhance each other’s survival. A strong image of durability is the stable relationship of intimate partners that strikes a dynamic balance between involvement in the outside world and nourishment in the home.

True endurance is not based on rigidity, because endurance implies flexibility—not being locked in position. Only by adapting to change can we stay in the race. And only by deepening our sense of purpose can we call forth the strength to win it.

Continuity is achieved through movement, not by keeping still. That which has ceased to grow is degrading toward death. Be actively changing, but stay strongly connected with your roots—your deepest thoughts and feelings.

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