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47: Oppression

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49: Revolution

48: The Well

Throughout all the cultures of the world, the well has served as a symbol for that which sustains life and provides a constant, inexhaustible source of nourishment. Human nature is basically the same: the passage of time cannot add to its dimensions, nor take anything away. Still, just as the well can be deepened to produce clearer water, we can enrich our lives by delving deeply within, to tap our essential nature and reach the true source of spiritual nourishment.

Beware of shallow thinking. Like a little learning, it can be dangerous. The image of the well suggests that going further within produces greater clarity. Be patient, and you will penetrate your problems—and your own nature—as deeply as you can. Self-development is key to reaching down to tap the clear water. If you do not lower your bucket into the depths, you’re likely to come up empty. Remember: when greater depth is sought, lessening the speed of normal operations may be required. A shallow carelessness in the process of meeting deeper needs can be self-defeating or even dangerous.

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