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43: Determination

About I Ching Hexagrams Gathering Together

45: Gathering Together

44: Liaison

An attraction is strong, but the relationship may not be destined to last. A coming together of disparate forces may not be what it seems. An apparently harmless—but potentially dangerous—element has attracted attention and is pulling on a stronger one. A traditional Chinese image is of a bold but immature young woman using her charms to gain influence over someone in a position of power. Ironically, the powerful person dallies with her, thinking it can do no harm. Ha! Famous last thoughts! When power shifts into the hands of those who are not prepared for it, misfortune can come to all parties. Still, you need not fear meetings with those whose positions are different from your own—as long as you are free of ulterior motives.

Be wary of temptations that arise because of the power of your position or, conversely, your connection to someone in an important position. Combat temptations to take unfair advantage of power differentials by nipping them in the bud before they can flower. As soon as you become aware of a dangerous liaison, promptly speak up or step away.

When honorable and balanced, there are indeed times when a rendezvous of the yielding and the strong turns out to be a great opportunity for a positive and constructive relationship. The difference between careless connection and a relationship of depth lies in the motives of one’s heart. How sincere are you?

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