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44: Liaison

About I Ching Hexagrams Pushing Upward

46: Pushing Upward

45: Gathering Together

The power of gathering together is represented by a rally, where each individual’s strength is magnified by the collective power of a community. For instance, history has shown that mass movements can bring about stable, ordered, and durable conditions for the better. This reading may be pointing to an auspicious time for large group events or undertakings. The guiding force of a shared vision is essential to align unified forces and keep your people advancing toward a common goal.

Another image is that of a lake or basin filling with water. Just as the fullness of the lake can bring good fortune to all in its realm, it can also overflow, leading to disaster. In a time of gathering together, it is essential that precautions against unforeseen dangers be considered, along with efforts to advance the common good along a clearly charted course. Much of human misfortune comes from unexpected events for which we are ill prepared. When gathered together with others, we are more powerful—even if, in some ways, we are also more vulnerable.

Any time of gathering together is a time of potentially great power, which can be either positive or negative. Everything is magnified when masses of people join together for a single purpose. When many people unite behind a single goal or strong vision, it is wise to take personal precautions, protecting your reasonable self-interests, because these can easily be lost in the melee of the crowd.

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