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41: Decrease

About I Ching Hexagrams Determination

43: Determination

42: Increase

Substantial progress and increasing prosperity are exhilarating and good—as long as you go with the flow and keep the interests of others in mind. Like a river’s white-water rapids, periods of increase can be of short duration. It furthers one to ride the rapids now while the waves of opportunity are high.

Leadership in times of increasing opportunity involves commitment to the needs of cohorts or dependents. By remembering that to lead is to serve, a leader strengthens his or her ability to bring about a lasting increase in prosperity. In a time of general increase, those who contribute most directly to the common good will achieve the greatest and most long-lasting rewards.

When opportunities for increase arise, very good fortune comes to those who act swiftly and boldly without falling into the trap of letting their actions be merely self-serving. If you aspire to a position of prominence, the most enduring strategy is to work to raise the tide of your entire community, company, or relationship, rather than setting out to swim upstream on your own.

When the times favor prosperity, and when leadership is in the hands of the broadminded, supreme good fortune is the result.

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